Monday, May 18, 2015

Muddy Puddles

Our new favorite show is called "Peppa Pig" and it's on NickJr.
Claire is so obsessed with that show and asks to watch it every single day...multiple times a day.
Its a British show so obviously they have English accents.
(Our favorite part)
They also say things like "cheeky, buggy(shopping cart), garden(backyard)
So, Claire is now saying all of those things.
"Mom, I want to go play in the garden."
"Brock, you're a cheeky little piggy!" 
It's pretty hilarious.
On that show the whole family loves to jump in muddy puddles every time it rains...
after all...they are pigs.
Every time it rains here, our cheeky little Claire wants to do the same thing.
Today, we let her.
& as you can made her whole day!
Maybe even her whole week!
Mom and Dad may have splashed around a little bit too;)

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