Friday, May 29, 2015

Brock Everett- 10 Months

Brock is TEN months old!
He is the cutest little man.
Especially in his new bathing suit and hat that he will only wear backwards.
Time is just flying by!
I blink and he is doing something new...I wish I could slow it down so badly.
He is walking every where.
I can't even keep up with him half the time.
Claire has been trying to teach him her name but so far all he says is "ka"
We are so smitten with this study guy!
We spent today at the Springville splash pad.
Brock enjoyed it, but the water was a little bit too cold for him.
He wasn't too happy about Claire running around without him either.
I'm pretty sure he will be right by her side next Summer!

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