Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New York 2015

New York Day 1:
We had planned to go on walking tours every day that we were in NYC, but the first day we were there it was so freezing that the tour guide cancelled the tour.
We were so bummed and thought to ourselves "psh...what a buncha woosies!"
We decided to go out and do the tour anyways, but just by ourselves.
Well, we soon realized exactly why the tour was cancelled.
We have never experienced that type of cold before.
In a panic to get out of the freezing cold we hopped on a boat to go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

 At this point we couldn't feel our faces...I'm pretty sure Josh was trying to smile, but that is what happened. All I could think about was the cold.
The second we jumped on the boat we were so happy!
We drank hot chocolate and snuggled the whole ride.
It was wonderful.
People had their children all around us and I was just so grateful to know my children were home safe in a warm cozy house.
Also, it didn't hurt that I was getting Josh all to myself!
I found out on this trip that Joshua is quite the photog.
The New York skyline is amazing.
Then & Now pictures
 The history was so amazing.
We spent a good three hours roaming the entire museum.
I couldn't stop reading every single fact that was around.
It was unreal to see what immigrants had to endure to enter the country.

New York Day 2:
Our walking tour was not cancelled this day and we were able to go to Grand Central Station, The New York Library, Rockafeller Center, and Time Square. 
Those chandeliers were my favorite.
 I couldn't get over their beauty. 
 As we were waiting in line to get 50% off Broadway tickets it started to pour snow on us in the middle of Times Square.  It was freezing, fun, and wet! One of my favorite memories of our whole trip right there.
 Subway riding was adventurous.  
By the end of our trip we got pretty good at it.
 Later that night we went to our Broadway show!
It did not disappoint.

New York Day 3:
On our last day in the Big Apple we had another walking tour before we headed to Pennsylvania to stay where we were gifted a lovers getaway from Josh's Mom and Sister.
This day we went to the financial district and Ground Zero.  
I am heartbroken that I didn't get any pictures of the beautiful memorial they built for 9/11.  It was so beautiful and breathtaking that I literally just took it all in and forgot about taking pictures.
 We had the pleasure of meeting this cute couple from Wales!
They were on both our walking tours with us and they were so fun and cute.

When we arrived to the Pocono's mountain's Resort we were surprised by pretty much everything.
Our room had a heart shaped pool, a champagne bath tub in the middle of the living room, and a round bed with a mirror on the ceiling.
OH yes...it was a room for lovers for sure.
We couldn't stop laughing the whole time at all the fun things.
It was the perfect way to just relax.
We ordered pizza, and snacks and didn't leave the room for 48 hours.
We slept in until we wanted and stayed up as late as we wanted.
It was so so so nice! 
Just what we both needed.
The last day of our stay we stayed in bed until 1pm.
I could have stayed there forever actually.

The next day we had to leave to come back home.
Except the traffic was horrible and we missed our flight.
So we had to take separate flights to get home.
Josh ended up in Vegas that night, and I ended up getting home at midnight.
It was a wild way to end our nice relaxing vacation, but we were just so happy to be home with our babies after a fun week together.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day 2015

Happy Valentines Day From the Hunting Clan!
 After Claire watched me put lipstick on and cover her Brother in kisses she got a wild idea.
I couldn't find her and I knew she was up to something.
When I went in her room I found her in her crib (still unsure how she climbed in all alone) with my red lipstick and her baby doll.  Yes, I know the baby is scary...there is a whole post on that a few entries back.  She had covered her whole baby in kisses just like I did with her Brother.
It was a low key Valentines this year spent at home with the babies, but I wouldn't have it any other way!