Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween-2014

I had to be in a wedding on November 1st in St. George so we spent our Halloween there and my Mom came up to meet us.
I was so grateful she was able to come help me!
This year Claire was Minnie Mouse!!
Claire was so excited to dress up and wear makeup on her face.
Trick or treating was a fun experience this year.
Claire didn't understand the concept of getting candy and then leaving.
She really tried to go inside every persons home.
And if they had a pet...she was inside before I could even grab her!
People were so nice and enjoyed Claire's personality.
If anyone had pink candy Claire would get so excited and say "More pees."
This girl cracks me up.
Brock enjoyed the comfort of his carseat the whole time we were trick or treating.
Next year he is going to kill it.
I love holidays with children.
It makes everything so much more fun!