Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend!

We had a laid back Memorial Day Weekend.
Went to the park to feed ducks, played in the kiddie pool at home, BBQ'd with friends & enjoyed time as a family.
Kind of the perfect holiday weekend.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Provo Pool Playdates!

This spring we have been going to the indoor provo rec center pool.
It is really fun!
They have a lazy river and a beach entrance to a water slide playground.
Claire is still too small to go on the water slides
{& they terrify her}
She would be fine if I could go with her, but unfortunately, I weigh more than 100lbs, so thats not allowed.
I tried once & I was the Mom who got the whistle blown at me by a 15 year old lifeguard.
{Keeping it classy as always}
Claire is getting really good at floating in the 2 ft deep part.
She doesn't even like me to touch her because she has to do it by herself.
{Story of our life lately}
But, I am getting more comfortable letting her do it alone.
Sure she chokes on some water here and there, but I figure she will live.
We love going with all our friends and playing.
And a huge perk to an indoor pool is we get to go on cold days that we can't go outside!