Monday, July 22, 2013

Bath Time Baby!

Claire loves her bath.
We listen to music, read books, play with bubbles & give ducky kisses.
Sometimes we make soap mohawks & they are really funny.
This happy little girl brings so much love into this home.
I love her.

And She's Off!

Madison's Farewell was Great!
Her talk was perfect & the luncheon after was a blast.

She went into the MTC on July 10th.
She is going to be the best Missionary!
I can't wait to hear about all the people she teaches.
She is the sweetest person I know & I truly think she was put on this earth to teach the gospel!
Good luck Maddie!
We love you & we will miss you!

Shedd's Aquarium & Field Museum

Don't mind my suuuper cute hair.
It poured rain as we were running into the aquarium & unfortunately turned my nicely straightened hair into a tangled wet mess.

On our fifth & final day we were able to go to the museum campus.
Shedd's Aquarium, Field Museum, & Adler Planetarium
It was our last day so we had to go to all three.
{We bought the tickets in advance}
Attempting three museum's in one day with a 10 month old was pretty hilarious.
Not to mention Claire was in the middle of a teething spell...
It was still a blast & I loved every second of it.
The aquarium was the coolest one I thought.
Josh liked the field museum the best.
It was a fun way to spend the last day in the windy city of Chicago.
I was so glad to have this time with my little family.
I am so in love with my Husband & going on vacations with him makes me love him even more.
I hate when men get stressed out on vacations and take it out on everyone around them.
Josh is not like that at all!!
He is the best person to travel with and is always positive and just excited to have the experience. 
He makes the stressful situations fun!
He doesn't worry about the money and how much things cost.
If we wanted to do something, he made it happen.
We had the best time together.
Thanks for spoiling Claire & I & taking us on the greatest Summer vacation!

Cubs Game!

Fourth Day!
Cubs Game at Wrigley!

Wrigley Field is awesome.
So old & full of history.
Josh was in heaven.
When Wrigley was built, houses were so close to the stadium that the roofs were transformed into seats for the game.
Now people can buy rooftop tickets & enjoy the game from the stadium or a roof.
We thought it was so cool!
Claire is wiggly.
She doesn't sit still unless she is sleeping, so a baseball game was challenging.
I was thankful we didn't have many people by us & she was able to move around a little bit.

Sears Tower Skydeck & Fest of Naperville

Our second day in Chicago was probably the most hilarious/stressful day of our trip.
Let me start at the beginning. 
We slept in.
Claire slept till 10am!!
It was a dream and I give the credit to the black out drapes.
We hung out for a couple hours and decided we would go to the Aquarium.
We weren't staying in the city so we had about a 30-40 min drive everyday to get there.
{Next time we will stay in the city}
What was suppose to be a 40 minute drive turned into a 2 hour drive due to city traffic!!
We had stopped for Soda's to sip on for our car ride & I drank the whole thing.
I was going to pee my pants.
I seriously considered peeing in a cup.
Josh was laughing at me... a lot.
"Cando, if you're going to pee in the cup you better do it quick before the cars see you! Ready GO!!"
I couldn't bring myself to do it.
It was the worst.
Claire was losing her mind.
Screaming her head off.
Josh and I proceeded to sing every child song we knew.
The wheels on the bus was a hit and we may have made up new lyrics.
"Your Mommy is going to pee her pants, pee her pants, pee her pants, your Mommy is going to pee her pants, all over the car."
Luckily, I did not pee my pants.
Straw distractions & finally a peaceful slumber.
After the car ride we were ready to just go back to the hotel for a nap, but we decided that would be super lame and boring.
Then, the aquarium was sold out.
We had already paid $30 to park so we felt a little bit defeated.
We brushed ourselves off and changed our plans.
We ended up walking a couple miles to eat at the delicious Giordano's.
It lived up to all the hype & we wanted it everyday after that.

Willis Tower was a block away so we decided to go up to the sky deck!
The amount of people that decided to do the same thing's as us, at the same exact time, blew my mind.
Sooooo many people!!!
Worth it.
The Sky Deck was unreal.
It is a clear box 103 stories above the city.
It was scary looking down at your feet and seeing the street 103 stories down.
So Crazy!
On our walk back to our car the skyline lit up & it was so beautiful.

On our third day in the Windy city we were feeling pretty exhausted.
We found a flyer for a Ribfest that was happening in the city we were staying in.
{We needed a day break from driving into the city again}
Rick Springfield was the main attraction.
Josh and I love ourselves some Rick & Ribs.
It was a must go.
We ate fried foods like crazy & danced with Claire to "Jessie's Girl"
It was a perfect Summer night.
& my favorite night of the whole trip.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

4th of July- Chicago Style

We kicked off our trip to Chicago on America's Birthday!
We spent the day on the Navy Pier in downtown Chicago & it was a BLAST!
I have never felt so overwhelmed with people in my whole life.
It was craaaazy!!
Claire was not a huge fan of all the noise & people, but she was a great little sport!

 We enjoyed a speed boat tour out on the waters of Lake Michigan!
By far my favorite thing we did!
Claire loved how fast the boat went and was laughing the whole time.
It was fun learning about all the history of Chicago & touring the Chicago river.
Claire was really tired after the speed boat ride and conveniently passed out on my lap during the tour.
I was glad to be able to listen to our hilarious tour guide and enjoy the scenery while my cute baby slept.

 By the end of the day we were all tired and hungry.
Everywhere had a 2 1/2 hour wait for dinner.
While we waited for fireworks we also waited for a table to enjoy some food.
We finally sat down to eat, but missed the firework show that we waited all day to see.
It was very disappointing.
We didn't let that ruin our day though.
 After missing the firework show we went to drive home and were stuck in the parking garage for a whole hour!!
{Remember how I said there was a lot of people...}
 Claire didn't mind to sit in the quite car after our loud adventurous day.
We sang silly songs and made the best of it!
Our first day in Chicago was exciting/fun/tiring/hot/ & loud!
More of our trip to come..