Sunday, June 23, 2013

Canyon Night.

I love the Summer time in Utah.
One of our favorite things to do is go up the canyon and have a fire.
We love to roast hot dogs & smores and visit with friends.
Our friends & neighbors Cammie & Trevor joined us for this outting.
I cannot roast marshmallows to save my life.
I dropped probably 6 in the fire.
Finally, I gave up & Josh made mine for me.
Claire enjoyed herself too.
She snacked on treats & got really dirty.
It was a blast.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fathers Day!

{Josh's First Fathers Day}
Fathers Day consisted of waffle luv imitation waffles, church, naps, pasta, making Claire laugh & family time.
Claire walked in her walker while I made breakfast for her Daddy & she wouldn't stop smiling!
After breakfast we watched some golf & Claire was just rubbing Josh's chin the whole time.
{It was the cutest thing}
Josh is the best Dad to that little girl.
We are really lucky to have such an awesome man in our lives.
He's the greatest partner to parent with.
Happy Fathers Day my love!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nestle 5k

I ran a 5k!
I have been wanting to run in a race for as long as I can remember, & out of blue I did.
I didn't really train for it
{cause I signed up two days before the race}
It was hard. I was sore.
But, it was so much fun & I can't wait to do another.
Here's to a fit and fun Summer!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Golfing with Daddy.

 One of my favorite things to do before we had a baby was go cruise in the golf cart with my handsome man while he played golf.
I would cheer him on much to his dismay.
{I would make comments like "Tiger who?" & "OMgee that was almost a hole in one"}
Ya know, really annoying commentary like that.
The golf clap was a must too.
Anyways, we had our first golf outing of the Summer and nothing has changed!
Claire snacked on cheeto's while we cruised the links.
& crawled on the putting green chasing her shadow
It was awesome.
Oh and just so everyone knows...I still pretend that golfing has cheerleaders even with an infant in my arms.

Summer's Here & Living's Easy.

Summer has started off {GREAT}
We have been enjoying this fabulous weather & everything that comes with it.
Splash pad wasn't a hit the first couple times, but i'm hoping the more we go she will start to like it.
She just hates it when the older kids splash her.
Diva alert!
Claire's first time swimming was pretty hilarious.
She doesn't quite understand the concept of water.
Head first she goes with no fear, only to pop up with a startled panic look, followed by choking.
It was cute though. 
{not the choking part}
She loves splashing and hitting the water.
I love to watch her.
 Mom Moment of the week:  
If a diaper gets too full, it poops a gel like sludge everywhere.
Totally freaked me out.
I will be buying water diapers asap.

We are so HAPPY Summer is here!!!
Bring on the snow cones, sunshine, and tan skin!

Monday, June 10, 2013

9 months.

 Claire is {9 months} old.
& it is as fun as it looks.
She has the best personality & is the happiest little angel.
She laughs at everything.
She makes the funniest facial expressions.
She loves eating...anything.
Wants me to share my diet coke with her every time I pop open a I do.
Pulls herself up on EVERYTHING.
{gate has been installed on our stairs for a week now}
Pinches everyones face off.
Crawling like a champ.
Favorite treat is sharing Mommy or Daddy's frozen yogurt.
Can play by herself in her crib all day if I let her.
{really nice for those days when I need a shower}
Kicks her feet in the car when music comes on.
Happiest when she wakes up from a good nap.
Bath time is her favorite now that she can crawl around in the tub.
Wont sit still unless you are reading a book to her.
{She LOVES books...YESSS!!!}
Gives you kisses if you get lucky.
Falls and hurts herself at least once a day
Wearing 12 month clothing & has been since she was 8 months.
{22 lbs, 29 in tall, & head size is 99%tile}
Love my growing baby girl.