Tuesday, January 8, 2013

remembering 2012

Well it's a new year.
I was thinking today about the past year we have had.
2012 was pretty dang good to us.
It started fantastic & ended just the same!

Here are the highlights and low lights of our year!
We found out we were expecting a baby on January 9th 2012!
From there it only got better...
we found out that baby was a girl!!
Josh got a great new job & we were able to get insurance.
bed rest
I didn't have to go back to work
{that one is a little bittersweet but it is a blessing nonetheless}
Our air conditioner broke in the middle of summer while i was 8 months prego.
summer Olympics
We became parents to a little girl named Claire.
{she was the bestest part}
we ended this year with great family and friends.

2012 was a milestone year for this family.
big things happened.
...can't wait for 2013!
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

sick sick sick.

Claire had her first cold.
It was a bit more than a cold.
Ear infection along with pink eye in both her eyes!!
Christmas eve & Christmas were filled with tears and eye goop.
Once we got our little one medicine she was good as new, but her first cold sure made her Mommy sad.
Now only if I could kick the cold I have then we would be good as new & ready for this new year!!