Friday, November 9, 2012

Newborn Pictures!

Happy Halloween!!

We had a pretty low key Halloween this year.
Stayed at home.
Mom ate Candy all day.
Watched movies.
{Hocus Pocus & Addams Family}
Wanted to make Halloween sugar cookies, but realized Mom didn't need anymore treats & I can't eat solid food yet.
Passed out candy to the trick or treaters.
{They all thought I was really cute}
All in all it was a fun first Halloween! 

Pumpkin Carving!

When we went to Vegas Last weekend to visit we had a Pumpkin carving night!
It was exactly what I needed to get in the Halloween spirit!
 We picked the perfect one.
There was a competition on the line to see which man could get the guts out for his woman the fastest.
The prize...a Carmel apple.
Josh knew what he had to do.
Look at him moving so fast the camera couldn't even focus.
I have a good man.
He knows when it counts.
Can you tell I love Carmel apples?
 My Bro and his cutie girlfriend!
They would have beat us if they hadn't picked the worst pumpkin.
That thing was filled up to the stump with guts.
bad luck.
 Carla cuts a pumpkin like no other.
 Claire woke up with all the noise. 
I think she knew her parents were dominating and decided she wanted to get in on the action.
 It was such a fun night!!!
Not only did we win an apple, but enjoyed yummy food and great company!
I love fall!

Grandparents Weekend!

Papa Bruce and Grandma Kym came to visit!!
My Dad was in love with this little girl.
It was so cute to watch!
Kym spoiled little Claire a TON!!
We had to spoil her a little bit was her Birthday weekend after all!
Baby girl was so good while we shopped...everyday!
Hard to believe that his baby girl has a baby girl of her own.
He kept saying that...Haha!
It was so much fun having them come visit!
We shopped.
The boys golfed.
We ate yummy food.
Celebrated a Birthday.
Enjoyed Claire bear!
& enjoyed family time.
Can't wait for the next visit!