Saturday, October 13, 2012

Six Weeks.

Six Weeks.

Our baby is six weeks old!
I can't believe how fast this went by.
She is much more alert these days.
Her personality is starting to shine through those little blue eyes.
Her yawns are my favorite thing to watch.
When she poops she makes a puckered lip face & then grunts so loud.
{You know it's going to be a big one when she is really still and quiet right before}
She can't wear a cute outfit without having a blowout in it.
She smiles in her sleep & is starting to smile at Josh and I when she is awake.
We have started sleep training which has made a huge difference for me & for her.
I was only getting 3 hours a night up until last week.
We are now at a solid five!!!
{Whoo hoo}
Claire has been sleeping in her own room for a whole week now!
I think she is getting better sleep along with Josh and I.
She is probably the loudest sleeping baby ever!!
My Mom was cracking up at how restless she is.
I have trained her to love being swaddled & now she can't sleep without her swaddle pod or her swaddle me.
I love her.
:Here is what the last six weeks have looked like according to my phone pictures:
I wasn't 100% prepared for how hard having a newborn is.
I knew it would be difficult, but I seriously underestimated the hardness.
When Claire was a little over three weeks old I had to go into emergency surgery and have my appendix removed.
{Crazy right?!}
That whole situation was extremely stressful and hard on me.
Luckily, the recovery wasn't too bad.
All the emotions and hormones a Mom goes through with a crying infant is a true challenge.
Sometimes it was hard for me to see the full picture.
I think I may have had a bout with postpartum.
{I even had a friend tell Josh to "watch me"}
I'm really grateful for good friends that care about me and love me.
I have seen just how much I am loved in the past month and I know I have surrounded myself with the right people.
I am finally feeling like myself again.
I love being a Mom!
I always loved it, but now that we are getting into a routine I feel so much better.
I have learned so much in the past month in a half.
I have learned a lot about myself and tons about how to be a Mom to my little Claire Bear.

Friday, October 12, 2012

gammy visit's utah.

My Mom came to visit Baby Claire last weekend!
She just couldn't stay away from her any longer.
{can you blame her?  Look at that baby!}
A nice picnic and walk up the canyon

My Mom was in love with the beautiful mountains and changing colored leaves
Claire slept the entire time.
Such a fun weekend!
Thanks for coming to play with us Mom!
love you!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Delivery Video & Pictures

I have always wanted to have serious documentation of all my children's birth's.
It means a lot to me and I know one day it will mean a lot to my kids as well.
Our cousin Rachel is an amazing photographer and we were lucky enough to have her come to the delivery and take pictures.
We also video taped the entire day from start to finish!
I'm mainly posting this for our records so this is a very personal post.
Please enjoy watching the day our lives changed forever.

Picture over load coming your way!

We love you Claire Bear!