Thursday, June 28, 2012

strawberries & cowboys

Strawberry Days Rodeo!
This was my first experience at a Rodeo.
It was so much fun!
{minus I felt bad for the animals the whole time and kept saying aww poor thing}
Marianne and Eddie were the perfect company!
I never laugh harder than when Eddie and Josh start going off on something that shouldn't even be funny, but those two make it hilarious.
The strawberries and cream was to die for!
I wanted to make it at home the other day, but pregnancy took over and I was just too lazy.
I really hope to make the strawberry days rodeo a family tradition.

Back Home BBQ

Josh just got a new grill and we have been anxiously waiting out the Winter so we could start using it.
We were so excited to get home and see all our friends that are still in Utah!
So to celebrate being back for the Summer we had a little BBQ at our house.
It was the perfect homecoming!
{Mare Bear and Kami looking so pretty while munching on fruit and chips}
{Grill Masters}
Dinner was so yummy!
BBQing in the Summer is my all time favorite!
After dinner we chatted and caught up on everyones lives.
We are so lucky to have such great friends surrounding us.
We ate yummy homemade pazooki's.
Talked about all our Summer reads.
Auto toned Marianne reading a synopsis.
{my personal favorite}
Josh:  "Hey, someone talk into this thing"
Everyone else: ........{silence}
We enjoyed Zion's awesome dance moves.
& we laughed. lots.
so so so happy to be home!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

as of late...

Lots has happened in the past month for our growing little family.
As you know we were living in Arkansas with the intentions of moving to Louisiana to sell this Summer.
  We didn't end up going to Louisiana.
We are now back at our home in UTAH!
Joshua was offered a great job at the Nestle Plant in Springville!
Timing could not have been more perfect.
With baby hunting on her way I was pretty stressed about being gone all summer.
Then there was the added stress of insurance ending from my school if I didn't go back to teach in the fall.
Prayers were answered and now everything is set in motion. 
We no longer have to worry about being covered for the maternity and I no longer have to go back to teach being 8 months pregnant!
Joshua's job has wonderful insurance and is a great company for a family man!
This experience really showed me how the Lord works in mysterious ways, but that he listens and he answers every prayer.
I am so grateful to be back in our home.
I am excited to start getting this house ready for our new addition.
I am so proud of my Husband and the hard worker he is.
I am so thankful to have a man who is willing to get up at 3am every morning and work a 12 hour shift!
Our lives are so blessed.
...and i'm sure the blessings will only continue in these next months.