Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Latter Day Saint.

This past Sunday we attended a sacrament meeting here in Arkansas.
During the meeting two teenage girls were being confirmed.
The girls were probably between the ages of 17-20.
I couldn't help but remember my own experience of joining the church.
I was just thinking about how different my life could be right now had I not taken the discussions.
It would most likely be...very different.
This week I have been thinking a lot about my conversion and my baptism.
I have been remembering how I felt at the time while taking the discussions and the happiness I felt when I made the decision to get baptized.  
I have been reminiscing of the day of my baptism.
It is really hard for me to remember everything from that day.
It was kind of like my wedding day in terms of memories.
You know when something is so great and overwhelming it is hard to remember anything from it.
Like a dream kind of. 
I remember a few things from December 8, 2007:
It was a cloudy day.
I was 8 days 18 years old.
I had people hugging me all day.
People I didn't even think cared that much about me drove from Las Vegas just to witness it.
I was given presents.
The feeling I had after I was put in the water was indescribable.
I cried harder than I ever had from pure happiness.
{strangest moment of my life actually}
I remember I felt pretty.
We had a little get together at my college apartment clubhouse.
I wished my family had been there the whole day.
It snowed... a lot...covered everything white.
I remember thinking the snow was symbolic of my fresh clean slate.
I took a long nap.
{I remember I was so so tired after}
We went sledding at night.
Josh and his friends invited me and my friends even though we were all Vegas girls with no snow clothes.
I borrowed Josh's pants.
We drank 7/11 hot chocolate.
I don't remember any conversations.
Just faces and feelings.
It is a day that changed my life.
This December will be my five year anniversary of being a Latter-Day-Saint.
I take this anniversary as seriously as I take my wedding anniversary.
I am proud of myself and my life choices.
I am happy to be married to a wonderful man for all eternity.
I am ecstatic to have a little baby girl inside me growing right now.
If it were not for the choices I made in the Summer of 2007...I would not have these things right now.
If any of you reading this have ever questioned whether or not you want to take the discussions.
Just do it.
I took them for seven whole months!
I listened to every lesson 3 times before I decided to get baptized.
Who knows...maybe it will change your life too.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

old soul?

This morning Josh comes home from the gym and he see's I am watching one of my favorite shows.
He laughs and says "Of course."
I just laugh because I know what he is thinking.
{my wife is such a dork}
I then say "How come all the commercials are for old people and their health problems"
Josh: "Because only old people watch this show Cando"
Me: "And me?..."
Josh: "Well yeah, but you are a 70 year old trapped in a 22 year old body"
Me: "Yeah.  That makes sense."
I am so happy to be reunited with the Hubby!
I never laugh harder than when I'm with him.
Oh and by the way...I had Mac and Cheese for dinner just to act my age!

waking up.

This morning I woke up in a hotel in Arkansas.
Next to a man who was giving me a kiss and saying good morning.
I forgot that feeling.
I missed it.
Happy girl right here.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

23 weeks.

I am 23 WEEKS!!
Really starting to grow now.
I have felt my body change so much in the last three weeks.
Baby Hunting is starting to move SO much!
I feel her all day now.
My favorite part is being able to feel it outside the tummy now.
{Cannot even wait for Josh to feel her}
I had my doctors appointment this week and they were able to capture this amazing 3-D picture.
Some people think it's creepy, but I look at it and see my baby.
She is already so perfect to me.
I can't wait to hold her!


On the last day of work all my co workers gave me and Cora a surprise co-baby shower!!
Cora was my classroom aide and we are 10 weeks apart!
It was the sweetest thing.
I really felt so loved.
We had NO idea that they were planning anything.
All the sudden people started acting very weird and bossing us around.  
Sending us to different classrooms to do different things.
We were so confused.
So when we went back to our classroom the whole school was waiting for us in our room with all this stuff!!
Mom's to be.
The presents.
The brunch that our co-teacher Rosetta made for us.
The fruit pizza was so delish.
I actually want some right now.
It was the perfect ending to a perfect year!

the end.

This past Thursday was our last day of preschool!
It was a bitter sweet ending for me.
Bitter because I have loved teaching those little faces all year.
Every single one of them is amazing in their own way.
I wish that I could document a picture of my classes, but it is not permitted for me to post pictures of them.
This has been my favorite year teaching and I know it is because of the children I had!
Now on the other is sweet because I am starting a new journey in my life and I have so much to look forward to with my own growing family.
This is just half of the presents all the amazing families gave me.
I am going to miss the parents from this year so much!
We had the best times on field trips and whenever they would volunteer!
As you can see they obviously spoiled me on the last day.
One of our parents made this for me during teacher appreciation week and I LOVED it soooo much!
Probably because it is so true.
My co-teachers and I laughed all year together.
We drank soda everyday.
{we had to.}
And we loved those kids so much!
2011-2012 was a good school year.
I love my job.

Nursery projects!

Most of the decor for the nursery is going to be homemade by ME!
I have been working on a few things these past few weeks and so far I am loving all the outcomes.

This is going to be my favorite part of the room I think.
I am making doily wall art.
Finished product to come.
I found these frames at a yard sale for a $1.00
They were cute to begin with, but they looked really dirty in person.
I'm not sure if I love the chevron I painted, but once they are back in the frames and hung up I'm sure I will like it.
Another sneak peak at the doily art.
A sneak peak at the beautiful quilt that Josh's cousin has kindly offered to make for us!
I am so excited to see it all together.
Laura is so talented and so sweet to make this!
~I already love it and it's only cut in stripes~
This changing table is vintage from the 20's!
I found it at a yard sale and it was 100% free!
I loved the style and I thought it was so girly and fun.
It obviously needs lots of work, but luckily we have amazing family that is willing to help us with it.
{I also found a matching crib on sale}
So excited to see everything come together!
This little baby is lucky to have so many people that love her already.

Monday, May 7, 2012

20 weeks.

20 WEEKS!!!
How far along?  20 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: The proper amount according to my Doctor.  According to me...ew.
Maternity clothes? Been finding pretty good deals at Old Navy and Target...could use a few more things but I think I will wait till I get to Louisiana.
Stretch marks? A little bit.  None that I am too worried about though.
Sleep: I probably sleep so much!  We think I'm addicted.
Best moment this week: Feeling my baby start to move inside me!
Miss Anything? Not really.  I'm pretty satisfied with everything.
Movement: YESSS!!!  It is the coolest thing.
Food cravings: Food in general.  I love eating.  Haha!  My favorite things are cold slushies and french fries!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nothing anymore.  If I eat too much late at night I can't really breathe.  So I try to take it easy when I eat dinner.
Labor Signs: oh no.
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On...But at night my fingers swell and I have to pry it off!!
Happy or Moody most of the time: I feel pretty dang happy at the moment! 
Looking forward to: Going to see Joshua in a few weeks so he can feel his baby girl move!
I was able to go home and stay with my family for a few days.
It was so much fun spending time with my Mom.
She is absolutely smitten with my baby belly and never stops telling me!
She is going to be such a good Grandma!
She has already given me tons of clothes that I wear ALL the time! 
I have no idea what I would do without my Mom during this time in my life.
It is so nice knowing that I have such a supportive family and me and this baby are so loved!
While I was there we enjoyed:
Going out to eat
The movies
Eating Candy
Having Mommy Daughter Granddaughter time.

wedding bliss.

May 5th 2012
Ben & Deidre get hitched!

Taking pictures outside the temple while we wait for the bride & groom!
Just the cutest couple ever.
Friends since we were 13!
The classic fake laugh picture.
Love me Chel Bell!
The Reception was beautiful!
Loved the entire thing!
Looked exactly like anthropology.
Yes, they did have five cakes.
It was such a pretty day in Las Vegas!  
The Bride and Groom were the happiest I have ever seen them.
Everything was perfect.
I could not be happier for them and I am so glad I was apart of their special day!

Bachelorette Night!

The night before Dee's wedding her bridesmaids kidnapped her.
We put her in silly bachelorette accessories and took her out on the town!
The pretty Bride-to-Be!
 Some of the Bridesmaids who were involved in the kidnapping!

We ate at Settebello.
We talked about "bedroom business"
We laughed.
We ate lots of pizza and gelato.
We wished one of our best friends luck in her new journey.