Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby girl.

Well it's official.
Baby Hunting is now a Baby GIRL!!!
We found out a few weeks ago and we could not be happier!
Ever since we found out I can't stop thinking about our baby girl inside me!
I always thought I wanted a boy first since I was a little girl.
Probably because I was the oldest and I always wanted an older Brother to take care of me for once.
But something switched in me the minute I found out it was a girl.
I was immediately so so so happy!
It wouldn't have mattered if it was a boy or a girl.
I would have felt the same either way I'm sure!
But, knowing that it's a girl I can start to imagine what life in the future will be like.
I get to dress her up and put cute bows in her hair.
If she is anything like me she will rip them out in the first five minutes.
I get to experience little girl "tude" and I think it is seriously funny when girls under ten have a little tude.
Which again if she is anything like me it will be just a full blown attitude without the cuteness of the "little girl" in front.
I get to help her get ready for high school dances!!
I get to stick up for her when she wants to date and Josh says no!!
I get to take her to dance practice.
Or another sport if she is anything like her Dad.
Lets hope she doesn't get my sports skills...or lack there of.
I get to bake her and her friends cookies for sleepovers!!
I get to be her Mom.
Nothing can feel better than that.

Ultrasounds are funny to me because every time I have looked at a friends or anyones for that matter I could never find what the person was telling me they saw.
I always just agreed and said how happy I was for them!
Tables have turned.
Now I'm the one who is obsessed with our ultrasound pictures and I see everything!
The profile ultrasound above is my favorite one.
I can see her nose and her lips and her chin and her belly.
But that's because she is mine and I stare at her all the time cause it's all I have of my baby right now.
When September comes I know I will be scared and nervous, but for right now....I CAN'T WAIT!!!
Because I am so impatient I had to go and buy Baby Girl some clothes!
I love them.
Can't wait till they are on a little human.
My little human.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

and then it was april.

It's that time of year again.
Josh is leaving to go work!
Every year it comes too fast and every year I feel the same way.
I'm so grateful for a hard working man who takes care of me!
As hard as it is to be apart I know it will be worth it.
We are leaving this Friday to make the drive to Arkansas.
This year Josh is living in Arkansas for about a month and then moving back to Louisiana for the rest of the Summer!
I will be meeting him in LA the second I am done teaching!
I'm so glad that I get to drive out with him and stay for a week while my school has spring break!
I really don't know what my life would be like without Joshua Hunting.
Me and Baby are lucky to have such an amazing Husband and Daddy.

Love and Marriage.

Deidre is getting married!!!
 I love making cake balls when they turn out pretty!
 The classic gum game.
Grosses me out beyond belief, but it was really fun.

 The food turned out soooo yummy!
 Gift time!!
All the beautiful hostesses!!
We are so happy for her!
Her bridal shower was a blast!
So glad that me and the other bridesmaids were able to throw it for her!
We love you Dee and we wish you and Ben the very very best!