Friday, February 24, 2012

heartbeats & dance moves.

Last week we had our first doctors appointment.
It was truly unbelievable.
There are not really words to describe it besides amazing.
We saw our baby for the first time!!!
Nothing can explain how it feels to actually see your baby for the very first time!
I will try though.
The doctor was showing us everything....
My ovaries.
{Which are healthy by the way}
My squished bladder.
{Also healthy}
I was feeling pretty good about having healthy working parts...but then...
he showed me my uterus.
He explained where the baby was living.
And then there it was...our baby.
First it was still, but then something happened.
Almost like our little boy or girl knew we were there watching, it started to move.
He or she was wiggling it's little arms and legs!!!
{Like it was dancing for happiness and saying hi to mommy and daddy!}
Josh: "Is he moving?!"
Doc: "Yep, he's wiggling around in there"
{Not sure why they are referring to it as a he, but I didn't care}
Me: speechless.
We heard the heartbeat and it was so fast.
At first I thought it was mine cause I was so excited, but nope.
It was baby huntings little heart beating away!
Josh and I were all smiles for the rest of the day.
I say it looks like a peanut right now, but joshua says its a salamander. 
Either way...its ours...and i love it.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

birthday bash.

JoSh Is TwEnTy-EiGht!!!
{perfect age to become a Father in my opinion}
I just had to throw that in because we are still so giddy about becoming parents!
Joshua's Birthday according to my phone pictures!
My camera died on our way to lunch of course, so I was forced to use my phone.
Because I had to use my phone...every single picture is blurry.
{Whole Fam Bam at Tucano's for a B-day lunch!}
{They forced him to shake maracas and dance}
{Highlight of my day}
{Not his...but he was a GREAT sport}

 {Later that night we had a few friends over for some cake}
{Blurriest pic of all, but kind of my favorite}

I hope your Birthday was everything you wanted and more!
happy birthday joshua.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


We are Pregnant!
{I wrote this post on the night I find out.}
I can not believe this is happening! 
Josh is out watching football with his friends.
I was just sitting around doing nothing and thought "oh i guess i will just take a test!"
I did.
I prayed while I sat and waited.
I prayed that if we were suppose to be parents at this time that we would be.
When I turned and looked at the stick my heart dropped.
I didn't know if it was 2 lines or 1!!!
It had to be 2 I thought!
I cried.
Then I pulled it together and went to target.
I needed the stick to say "pregnant"
I wouldn't believe it unless it was literally telling me I was.
I drank a full bottle of water on the way home.
and then...
there it was right in front of me, clear as day.
I couldn't wait to tell Josh!
I had to tell him cute so I pulled together something really cheesy and now here I am waiting for him to get home.

I can't even breathe right now.
I have never been more excited in my life!
I have so much to look forward to!
Everything in my life has built up to this moment right here!
I have never been happier than I am right this second!
I am so lucky so be married to the most amazing man in the world.
He is going to be the best Dad a child could ask for!
He is so beautiful in every way and with him by my side I know we will be great parents.
I love you Joshua Brock Hunting.
I love you Baby Hunting.
{I like saying that}

Valentines Day!

Since V-day fell on a weekday this year we decided to keep it simple.

Romantic dinner at home with a movie on our couch!
And don't forget about the chocolate...we ate lots and lots of yummy chocolate!
You know Josh laughed at this menu
 Heart shaped pizza's are a must have
 Joshua's present to me!

It was a perfect way to celebrate the holiday of love!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend highlights!

 Our friends Jeff and Nicole got Married!!
Congrats you two!  
Hope you have a wonderful life together!
Started reading "The Lucky One" in hopes of seeing the movie soon!
 Enjoyed the Grammys on Sunday!
Can I just say I love Sundays...but I love them even more when I get to watch an awards show!!
 By far my favorite person at the show.
Amazing performance.
Amazing personality.
Amazing voice.
She is so humble! 
love her.

We had such a fun relaxing weekend lounging around our house!
I am such a home body these days, but I love it!
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

Girls Night!

It FINALLY came out!!!
I have been waiting for this movie for waaaayyy too long!
 Patiently awaiting Channing Tatum...
My excitement showed I think.

Well it ended up being a good movie.
I was kinda sad with how it ended, but it was realistic.
I think I built it up so big in my head that nothing could have been as great as my brain version of the love story.  
We ate popcorn and drank sodas.
We watched two of the hottest actors ever.
Some of us cried. HAHA!
It was the perfect girls night!