Friday, July 27, 2012

33 Weeks!

I am now 33 Weeks along!
I was put on bed rest this week.
{insert sad face here}
At my Appointment on Monday my blood pressure was elevated.
My feet, legs, face, and hands were swollen.
When he first said he was putting me on bed rest I laughed.
I feel so normal.
He said he was serious and that's when I kinda broke down.
{I am suppose to be in California right now visiting my family and attending my baby shower that they have been planning for months.}
I was sent home with the assignment of peeing in a jug for 24 straight hours.
That was awesome.
I had to go back and have blood work done.
They were testing me for Preeclampsia.
Preeclampsia is when a pregnant woman develops high blood pressure and protein in the urine after the 20th week of pregnancy.
I went back today so they could monitor me some more.
Well it turns out I do have the beginning stages of the disease and I will have to remain on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy most likely.
{insert crying here}
As long as I stay relaxed then my blood pressure will stay down.
If my blood pressure gets too high then our little baby has to be taken out.
It is obviously safer for her to be inside me rather than in a NICU hooked up to monitors so it is my job to stay relaxed and keep her safe inside me.
I am really bummed about this.
I still have so much to do to prepare for this little one and it is hard that I can't do it myself.
I have a problem asking for help and being on bed rest makes not asking for help sort of impossible.
It is a bummer, but I would do anything to make sure this baby girl arrives safely.
Josh keeps calling me "Bed Rest Betty"
And if I even get up to go to the bathroom he tells me to go lay down.
I'm so glad I have him to joke around with me or else I would probably go crazy!
 I have to go to the hospital twice a week to get monitored.
It's kinda fun going and listening to baby girl's heart beat for an hour so I don't really mind.
{She had hiccups today and I heard them and felt them this time}

On a happy note we got to have our ultrasound a little earlier because I am measuring two weeks bigger!
I love that our doctors office does one 3-D picture every time we get an ultrasound.
The 3-D ones are my favorite because they make it so real.
Look at that cute face...I just can't get over how adorable I already think she is.
Baby is already 5lbs.
The doctor says if I carry her full term to expect a 9/9.5 lb baby.

No AC=Worst Weekend EVER!

Last Thursday our air conditioner in our house broke!
I felt it immediately and kept asking Josh if he was hot.
He didn't seem to notice much.
The next day it was hard not to notice.
The thermometer kept rising and no cold air was coming out.
{it's July if you forgot}
Josh got to work looking for the problem, but couldn't find anything until late at night.
Unfortunately all the air conditioning places were closed on Saturday.
Just our luck.
8 months pregnant and melting.
I couldn't sleep Friday night and I was so miserable that something had to be done.
At 1:00am I went to Walmart and bought a fan.
That thing saved my life.
By Saturday night the fan wasn't good enough and we had to move our mattress into the basement to sleep.
We spent most of our Sunday laying on our bed in the basement not moving.
Finally Monday came and we were able to go get the part.
I am happy to say that our air is back on and working and I will NEVER take it for granted again!
Our house got as hot as 88 degrees.
{Not okay}
It is now at a firm 70 and I don't care if anyone is cold. 
Because I am in air conditioning heaven!

We had a Luau!

When I went home to visit my Mom had a little Luau baby shower for me!
It was so sweet of her and all her friends and I was so grateful for all the love!
 Fam Bam!
 Grandma Cheri got a present too!
 The cute swimsuit that was mine when I was a baby!
My Mom saved it and gave it to me as a present for Baby girl!
The chocolate fountain was a hit!
So Delish!
Thanks Mom for such a fun party!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let Freedom Ring!

 This year we spent the fourth with Josh's Family and enjoyed a fun BBQ!
 Cute Baby Trinelle and her Mommy cutting watermelon!
 Work of art in a tart.
 Josh's aunts and cousins are so creative and cute.
I was loving all the red, white, and blue decor and treats!
 About to grub!
I couldn't get enough of Jenn's cute red pants!
 Fourth of July hats made by Janessa!
It was a fun relaxing day.
We didn't go watch fireworks this year because my prego body was too swollen and tired from being outside all day.
Normally I am all about watching the fireworks, but I just couldn't get off the couch this year.
I wasn't mad about it though cause from our bedroom window we were able to watch a few in the distance.
We had a fun Independence Day!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

29 Weeks!

I am 29 weeks pregnant!!
Can you tell?
 Being pregnant has been so fun!
I am just loving it.
I basically eat whatever I want.
Lately I am loving Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches with original lays chips.
A few of my other cravings have included:
Fruit Tarts from Kneaders Bakery.
French Fries.
Steak and potatoes.
I am currently obsessed with reading baby magazines.
My favorite so far is American Baby.
I love reading about all the tips and tricks for new Mommies!
It makes me feel so prepared and on top of things.
{Even though I really feel like I have no idea what I am doing and I am always worried I'm going to stink at this whole parenting thing}

I registered for baby gifts at Babies r Us this past week.
It was fun going around scanning everything I thought I might want for our baby girl.
I thought it was a bit overwhelming at times, but now that it is done I feel more educated on what types of things you need for a new baby.
I have been having a hard time falling asleep at night.
My brain wont stop thinking and I can never relax.
About two nights ago Josh rubbed lotion on my feet and gave me a little foot massage.
I was asleep in three minutes.
He has rubbed my feet every night since with the same results.
It's magical.
On our last day in Arkansas I had a little scare and had to go to the hospital.
My blood pressure was 220/90 and I was having chest pains.
I had to do tons of blood work, an EKG test, and they monitored my blood pressure for a few hours.
I had to have an Echogram (ultrasound of the heart).
The problem with all this was that I felt fine the entire time.
Besides my chest hurting a little I was acting completely normal.
To make a long story short I was fine.
My heart shifted a little because of the pregnancy and that was why my chest was hurting a little.
My body was just working extra hard and because we were living in a hotel and not eating very healthy it could have been a factor in the high blood pressure.
I have been great ever since! 

I am so excited and happy!
I spend my days relaxing, crafting, going to the pool, and cooking for my Hubby.
I can't wait to start getting our nursery set up and organized!
Becoming a Mom is really fun.
Josh and I are just enjoying each other and this Summer.
I'm still hoping we can fit a babymoon in sometime! 
{fingers crossed}
Loving the prego life:)