Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Huntings!
I can't believe we didn't take a family picture on Christmas, but this will have to do.
we had a great day full of
{lets be real...she is the best part}
Loved it.
Sad it came and went so fast!
365 more days till christmas countdown!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

temple lights

the salt lake city temple in december is my favorite christmas activity!
this year we went shopping & ate dinner at city creek
and then enjoyed the beautiful temple lights!
this was our first time out in the winter with claire & i'm pretty sure she was nice & warm!
 love the nativity in the water
this was the perfect evening to get me in the holiday spirit!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Claire got her ears pierced a few weeks ago.
lets just say she didn't love it.
she actually hated it.
& i felt like a mean mom.
i made Gammy sit with her cause i was too chicken
 she didn't even know what was about to happen.
enjoying a nice yawn & people watching before the trauma
you can't see her face, but it isn't happy.
she is very upset.
the binki wasn't even her friend & the binki is her favorite thing!
poor baby girl.
i willingly tortured her.
but she was over it in less than 10 minutes and fell asleep.
when she woke up she didn't even know anything bad happened & she was back to her smiling self.
she looks so girly and cute with jewelry in her ears & as sad as it was for a second, I'm glad we did it!

santa claus is coming to town...

claire met santa!
we went to see santa on friday night.
the line was 35 minutes long and claire just couldn't stay awake for it.
she was tucked inside Josh's jacket because it was FREEZING!
but she was nice and cozy in there and past right out before it was our turn.
she slept right through her first santa experience, but santa got a little nappy too.
so excited for claire's first christmas!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

claire's blessing.

the day we blessed baby claire was full of love.
my mom, step-dad, & brother crawford came.
{i couldn't have done it without them}
they helped me do everything.
thanks to grandma beci too for helping with the food!
claire wore the cutest cream dress with flowers on it.
she was 2 1/2 months old.
josh gave the sweetest blessing to his baby girl.
it was a beautiful day out.
we had brunch at our house after.
we have the most amazing friends & family.
our house was packed full & i wouldn't have changed a thing.
it meant so much to me that everyone came.

 such a great day.
i wish i would have taken more pictures of everyone who came.
but of course i remembered at the very end as everyone was leaving.
i love that little baby girl.

Monday, December 10, 2012

mom life.

feed baby
fold laundry
play with baby
make lunch
feed baby
....more laundry
vacuum house
oh and yeah you guessed it...more laundry.

Josh comes home from store.
still in un matching pj's
unbrushed hair
spit up all over me
unwashed face...& body
straight. up. mess.

Josh says:
"motherhood has really done a number on you Cando"

laughing hysterically
{because i felt the exact same way}

Josh played with claire while i had a "me" moment.
which was a shower
then it was back to laundry & baby feeding the rest of the day.
mom life.

Life according to Instagram.

these days are not like the days i once lived.
josh works what feels like all the time now.
& i am home with our sweet baby.
{and loving every second of it}
this is our simple, yet full, life lately.
 we blessed claire a few weeks ago.
post coming soon.
 mornings are my favorite time.
 personality is starting to shine
 claire has friends
 our generation photo we took at thanksgiving
 peirced ears!!!!
post coming soon.
 papa and claire are besties
 rolling over is the latest & greatest
 i am loving my new calling & grateful to be in the YM presidency
she doesn't cry when i put her in there, but i get this face every time
& i laugh...every time.

Living life and LOVING it.

Vegas Thanksgiving.

This year for Thanksgiving we spent it with my family.
Everyone was so in love with Claire and couldn't get over what a happy baby she is.
It was a much needed vacation away.
I am obsessed with big family get togethers.
I could probably have one once a month if we could.
Seeing all my Grandparents hold our newest addition just melted my heart.
This year I was Thankful for family.
I am always very thankful for my family as well as Josh's, but after having this beautiful baby I have a much greater outlook on how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family.
We couldn't even walk in the door fast enough before these two were taking Claire out of her car seat!
 Papa and Claire were twins on Thanksgiving!
I love that my sweet Papa brought her own Cowboys gear.
Uncle Crawford makes Claire smile so big. 
It's adorable.
 What am I thankful for all year long?
These two.
We watched home videos all weekend.
We ate pumpkin pie.
We held Claire.
We played games.
We laughed.
We karaoked
{that was special}
We shopped.
We baked.
We loved.
Home is where the heart is & mine is with all of them.

Friday, November 9, 2012