Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Spirit!

Soundtrack of the day: 
Michael Buble's new Christmas Album
Today was one of the best days I have had in a while.
It was one of those perfect days you can never get back.
We woke up late.
really late!
Made waffles for breakfast.
And then...
 He wanted me to stop taking pictures.
But you can't ask that of me.
So he tried to grab it.
But I'm quick.
He wanted me to stop taking pictures still.
So he made stupid faces and bit my face.
But it didn't stop me.
 I love Christmas.
I love my Husband.
Today was a great day.

Thanksgiving 2011

I'm so horrible at taking pictures lately.
On Thanksgiving I totally forgot to take pictures and it made me really sad.
Luckily I snapped a few with my phone!
 Our cute name cards at the dinner table!
I made this cake
{pumpkin chocolate chip w/ cream cheese icing from scratch}
I bake sometimes.
 I couldn't stop admiring the beautiful table Grandma set up!
Number one thing I am thankful for....this guy.

Highlights of Thanksgiving 2011
:Baking food all morning
:Eating food all day
:Spending time with Family
:When Josh said he was thankful for the baby inside me
:When everyone thought I was pregnant
:When Josh said he was kidding about the baby an everyone freaked out
{Not prego! But it was such a good joke!}
:Playing taboo with the Fam
:Watching movies with my Hubs till late hours of the night
:Eating pumpkin pie at one in the morning

It was a great day and we have so much to be thankful for!


It started snowing the other night while we were walking to our car and we got really excited!
We normally dread the snowy months, but for some reason we are looking forward to it this year.
Embracing the Utah culture I guess.
Plus, I did have two scarfs on.
One on my neck and one on my head.
That could have helped matters.
Happy Winter!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wisdom Teeth.

{Before I begin this post just know that I am laughing hysterically while composing it}

I got my wisdom taken out on November 3rd.
I thought it was going to be a piece of cake.
Go get some teeth pulled and sit at home eating some pudding for the next couple days.
Not me.
Of course I get dry socket and end up feeling as if I'm dying for a whole week.
Okay, so I might be a drama queen.
But dry socket was pretty sucky to say the least.
All in all I was on a liquid diet for a whole week.
{can you say pizza craving??}
I had to take two days off work.
And the dry socket dressings that they put in my mouth made me throw up everyday.
But, even though it was a pretty horrible experience I have to admit that it did get some laughs.
I'm sure you are wondering why getting wisdom teeth out would be funny?
Well, you haven't seen me after I get out of sedation.
Here we go.

This picture was taken by me.
Do I remember taking it?...No.
I have zero recollection of snapping this picture.
Which is seriously funny because even in my drugged out state I remembered I needed to blog.
Josh said he doesn't remember me taking it either.

Josh was a sweetheart and took such good care of me.
He brought me breakfast in bed.
Watched the game show network with me for a full 12 hours one day.
{Favorite Game Show:  Family Feud}
Brought me my favorite soup from Zupas.
And made sure I wasn't overdosing on percocets which was probably the best part cause I was a straight up pill popper that whole week!

When I first came out of sedation Josh said I was shaking uncontrollably and he literally thought I was going to die.
I don't remember that either.
But I picture it in my mind and for some reason it makes me laugh really hard.
This video however makes me laugh harder.
Just a quick back story...
Before I went in for the surgery the oral surgeon told me that my roots were wrapped around the nerves and I could lose feeling in my lip permanently.
He said that I would get use to it with time but it would be numb.
So after knowing that....

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Happiness

{Mr. and Mrs. Ghost & Ghostbuster}
It's a love/hate relationship
{The Ladies}
{The Guys}
{Yummy Desserts}
{Fall Soups}

{The Hillbilly Hostess with her friend the GB}

We enjoyed this Halloween so much!
The Munson's threw a spooktacular Halloween party at their house!

The couples costumes included:
The Hillbilly Hosts- The Munsons
Ghost & GhostBuster- The Huntings
Mad Men Couple- The Fredricksons
Rockers- The Pickerings
Dorothy & Scarecrow- The Priganos
White Trash Couple- The Grays
Toy Story- The Prices'
Jay & Gloria{Modern Family}- The Berniers

We played the 'Couch' game where the girls beat the guys so many times we had to change the rules for them to even "kinda" win!

The soups and Desserts were to die for!
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and we have already decided what we are going to be next year!
Thanks again Munson's for letting us all into your beautiful home!