Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall is Here!

Today I was feeling crafty.
I went to Michael's where they were having a HUGE sale and I scored!
Here are the supplies I bought!
The scarecrow was at the Dollar Tree!
 Finished product!
Fall is definitely my favorite time of year!
My new wreath has gotten me in the Fall spirit!
Can't wait for the leaves to start changing!

For me???

I came home to these on Wednesday.
The orange box was sitting on the stairs.
I asked Josh what he got as I was opening it.
He said they sent him the wrong shoes.
I wondered how they could mess up so badly.
The shoe looked my size and girly.
Not a size 12 and boyish.
I said "Uh yeah!  These are girls shoes."
Then he said "OH yeah. They are for you."
I was so confused but then I realized he gave me a present for no reason!
I asked "For mee??! Really?!" 
I was so excited!
I have wanted nice gym shoes for forever!!
He is the cutest. 
Love you Josh!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

we remember

It was six in the morning.
I was in seventh grade.
My mom was crying on her bed.
I was scrunching my hair.
I wasn't allowed to go to school.
We ate pizza on the living room floor.
The news was on 24 hours a day.
To all the people who lost loved ones in 9/11 or the wars my prayers go out to you!


Alright, I am officially horrible at taking pictures lately.
It's not because nothing we do is picture worthy.
It's because I am just enjoying myself in the moment to even think about taking a picture.
I need to get better. week!

I was so extremely sick on Friday and I was so sad that the weekend had come and I was going to be in bed all weekend.
Luckily, I have a Husband.
He takes care of me.
I had a horrible fever and I couldn't eat anything so he went and got me a Jamba Juice and I was able to stomach that so I could take medicine!
I slept for probably 13 hours and my fever finally broke during my sleep.

Even though I took no pictures of our Saturday it was a picture perfect day.
When I woke up on Saturday morning it was like I had never been sick.
I said "I feel soooo much better!"
Josh said "Well you slept forever!"
Once again proving to be the funniest person in my life.

Our Saturday.
We went to the movies.
Kettle corn and diet coke was necessary.
We movie hopped.
We saw not one, but two movies.
Our day would have been perfect if we stopped there, but we didn't.
We went mini golfing on a double date.
We played couples.
Loser had to buy the appetizer at dinner.
We won!
I got a hole in one!!
{When does that happen?....I didn't even have my glasses on!}
We ate at Happy Sumo.
Vegas Roll please!
We finished the night off by laying on the couch watching our new favorite show Breaking Bad.

It's days like that when I know everything is right.
When I know I can get through anything because I have days like that to look forward to.
It was a perfect day.
Days will come and go, but perfect days are the ones you should remember.
Even if you didn't take any pictures.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

as of late...

Josh is home
I am so happy to have him home with me again.  
Life just feels right with him by my side.

Work is crazy crazy
{those kids are going to kill me}
I have never been this stressed teaching before.  I know it will get better with time and more experience but I have never looked forward to Saturdays so much in my life!

Our Labor Day 
Consisted of movies, our comfy couch, and cafe rio
We ventured out on a picnic Sunday
{which ended up being a complete fail}
note to self: Don't try to go on a picnic at Utah Lake.  It smells.  You have to pay money.  It's ghetto.  Parks win every time.

Motorcycle rides and Frozen Yogurt
Tonight Josh and I went on a little date.
It made me really happy.
Josh wanted to take his buddies motorcycle for a spin so we headed up state all the way to yogurtland.
We shared red velvet yogurt with raspberries and cookie-dough chunks.
It was romantic.
I realized I like motorcycles and if I had enough money I would buy Josh one.
But I don't.  So I can't.
Maybe one day:)

Life is busy right now, but we are looking forward to Fall!!
I love everything about the Fall in Utah!
Bring on the boots, cardigans, pumpkin bread, halloween, nice weather, and beautiful trees!