Sunday, July 31, 2011

Louisiana Lady Luau

For our final luncheon we had a LUAU!
{the taste of hawaii hot spot}
{beautiful hostesses Aiime and Lyn}
{hula dancers}

{winners of the hula hoop contest}
our hips don't lie

hawaiian culture: my favorite
leis and grass skirts: favorite costume
my hawaiian name: kandakake
food: to die for
company: the best

Summer is almost over for me, but I am so glad I had these ladies with me all summer long!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

dirty dancing reference?

i bought cashews to put in a salad.
josh thinks they are a snack.
so naturally...he eats them.
i tell him to stop because i need them for a salad.
well this morning josh says to me 
"your gonna have to hide these cashews if you really need them"
my reply: "i wouldn't have to hide them if you didn't eat them"
his reply:
"nobody puts baby in a corner....and nobody tells me i can't eat my cashews"
i died laughing.
moral of the story....
if you quote one of my favorite movies i will let you eat my salad cashews.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


since we got here we have wanted to go to new orleans and see the destruction from hurricane katrina.
it was really something else to say the least.
i can't even imagine what these people went through.
about 90% of new orleans evacuated.
the other 10% didn't get so lucky.
people couldn't afford to leave, but it turns out, they couldn't afford to stay either.
we headed to the lower 9th ward of the city.
this is what they call the "destruction zone"
 so sad.

X's mean the house was checked during katrina.

The symbols: 

date it was checked

the unit who checked

and how many were found dead. 

no house to walk up to.
 this is the street that brad pitt re-built.
i love the blue one.
i want to live in brad pitt's blue house.
 jackson square, downtown new orleans
 i want to ride on these.
this picture was taken right after we discussed living in one of those apartments behind him.
okay, well i said "wouldn't it be cool to live there and have this as your backyard."
he replied with "yeah."
so i guess we are movin' downtown!
 getting ready to eat beignets at cafe du monde.
my favorite thing about louisiana!
 josh eating his first one.
i was worried i talked them up too much so i was watching to make sure he loved them.
 our last stop.
dante's kitchen.
it was an old house that was turned into a restaurant.
we were in love.
it was pretty pricey, but we think it was worth it.
the food melted in our mouths.
i'm sad i can't go back again!
 as we drove home the sun was setting and it was so gorgeous.
the picture doesn't even do it justice.
it was the perfect end to a perfect day.

Monday, July 25, 2011

the vow.

i love movies.
i love a good love story.
i love channing tatum.
i love rachel mcadams.
i know i will love this movie and i cannot wait.
its okay if you cry by only watching the trailer...i did.

"Can a once in a lifetime love find a second chance?"

if you loved the song as much as i do click here to listen
joy williams-we are

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Relay Raft Rampage!

The Louisiana weather these past couple weeks has been very unpredictable!
Rain clouds will come out of nowhere and ruin a perfect pool day!
But not this day.
This day the sun came out after a whole week of hiding.
We couldn't sit around any longer.

What do you do when you have eight rafts and ten hyper woman?
You have a Relay Raft Racing Rampage of course!
Relay Raft Rampage Rules:
Start out of the water.
Jump onto raft with out falling off.
Swim to other side of pool and tag teammate.
Teammate takes raft and jumps in.
Swim to the other side.
First team to the other side wins.

Teams were formed.
Injury's occurred.
Tops of bathing suits came off.
Laughing happened a lot.
We had such a blast!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Louisiana Lady Luncheon Three

Bunco Style!

{Yummy popcorn balls}
Justine and Juliann
{Just enjoying some BUNCO}
My new favorite game
Technically I was a bunco loser.
I won for not getting any buncos.
I love a game where the loser wins too!
{Kate, Cando, and Whitters}
All the lovely ladies!
Thanks Juliann and Justine for throwing such a fun BUNCO party!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

rue beignet

After we visited New Orleans I fell in love with beignets!
So the other day we went on a search to find some closer to where we live.
Turns out there is a beignet cafe only ten minutes away!!!
Chocolate milk and Beignets equals happiness.
We will miss this when we go back to Utah!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

icy treats.

we heart snowballs.
whitney: coconut
me: pink lemonade

water slides and twirly rides

What do you get when you mix an amusement park and a water park together?

Most of the wives thought it would be a good idea to get season passes to blue bayou and dixie landin'!
Turns out, it's the best decision we ever made!!
We go at least once or twice a week and I am dreading the end of the summer, because that will be the end of all this.....

 {by far my favorite ride}

favorite water rides:
purple and yellow
{love dropping down backwards and screaming my head off}
red and black
{love it when we suffocate because of the hotness}
{love catchin' air on all those bumps}

favorite twirly rides:
topsy turvy
{love the tickle in my stomach when we go high}
hot shot
{love that i plugged my nose i was so scared}
we still don't know why i plugged my nose...reflex i guess
{love when crazy chicks yell at us saying "IS IT GONE FLIP OVA?"}

I am so lucky to be spending a Summer in Louisiana.
I am so lucky to have friends to share my days with.
I am so lucky to have a hard working husband who lets me play like a child at water parks.
{while he works all day}
I am so lucky.