Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The White Party

Well, my Mom is cooler than me.
She gets invited to parties weekly.
It's cause she's hot.
It just so happened that a few weeks ago when I was home she was invited to a "themed" party.
Theme: White
Definition: Must wear all white clothes.
The gang all dressed in white
(Following the rules)
Tickets= Legit
Real party animals.
LOVE Family Fun nights!
Especially when they have a theme.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Park City

Last weekend we took a girls trip up to Park City!
My girlfriends boss was nice enough to get us a hotel for a night.
Not just any hotel, the Waldorf Astoria.
Fancy huh?!
Here are some pictures of this amazing place!
Our room.
Yes, we did have a fireplace!
The lobby of the hotel.
This was my favorite part.
That chandelier was so amazing and huge!
Had to get a Carmel covered apple.
That is a must!

All the girls on the balcony of our room
Dinner time at a yummy Italian place that I forgot the name of.
It is on Main Street.

We had such a fun time laughing, eating, more laughing, shopping, relaxing, and more laughing! Hope we can have another girls weekend soon!

World's Worst.

I have been the world's worst blogger!
I guess I haven't been inspired these days because I am missing this guy...
I hate being apart :(
Exactly two more weeks until we are reunited!
Saying "I can't wait" is an understatement.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Real Life Fairy Tale

I know the Royal Wedding was a month ago, but this was too good not to share!
Seriously Kate Middleton??
How come she gets the Disney Fairy Tale?
She is today's real life "Cinderella!"
My friend sent me this picture and I thought it was the funniest thing!
I loved watching the Royal Wedding!

I think my favorite part of the Royal Wedding was waiting to see what kind of "Fascinators" (Hats) all the woman would wear!
I loved these ones too!
Especially the black one in the middle!
I didn't love this one.
I think it is a cool idea, but it is just too much!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Preschool Times!

Since Josh has been gone I have had to find things to occupy my time.
This week in my class it was "Zoo" theme.
Because I have no life anymore I decided to paint six paintings to decorate the classroom.
I mean, what is a zoo without some animals right?!
Gary the gorilla.
Zeic the Zebra.
Manny the Monkey.
Larry the lion.
Ernie the elephant.
Gloria the giraffe.

I have no idea what possessed me to take on this project (Maybe boredom or loneliness), but I have to say I think it turned out pretty good and the kids really seemed to like it!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mommy Day Weekend!

I Decided to go to Vegas this weekend for Mothers day!
Since I am Husbandless, I said goodbye to Utah and Hello to Sunny Las Vegas!
I spent time with my Mom
Got sunburned
Laid out at The M for four hours
Watched my Brother go to prom
Spoiled my Mom
Went country dancing
Made fun of people while country dancing
and enjoyed a day and a half with my wonderful family!
This was how my Mom Welcomed me home!
Just a lil cheer Mega phone!
They are so much taller than me and it is so weird!
I'm still in charge though :)
Prom time!! Too bad his date was WACK!
Oh Crawford.
Pool day at "The M"
Goin' to Dance!!

Had the best weekend at home!
Happy Mothers Day Momma Bear!

Friday, May 6, 2011


15 years.
I may have changed color here and there, but for the most part I have had the same hair style for 15 years.
Last night that all changed.
I cut bangs!
And..I sort of LOVE it! :)

Last time I had bangs I looked like this:

Now I look like this:
Change is always fun!
Can't wait to rock the summer with new hair!:)
Have a happy Friday!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

So..I Stole it.

The other day I was shopping at Joannes crafts.
I saw this amazingly cute yellow wreath (Picture above), but it was too much money!
So I left and dreamt about it that night...and the next three nights.
I finally forgot about it.
Then, a week later I was out on a late night Maverick run.
(Diet cokes do that to me.)
When I returned home I saw THE WREATH on my cute neighbors door!
"I wanted that wreath!" I said to my Mother.
Since I am great friends with my neighbor I figured she wouldn't mind if I just took it off her door and simply placed it on mine.
Considering I wanted it first ya know?
So...I stole it.
BUT, don't worry...I replaced it with something else.

This is me stealing things from nice people:
This is me being stoked that it now belongs to me:
This is what I replaced it with.
I added a thank you note just to be respectful and kind.

Well, I must not have been sneaky enough because as I was taping Mr. Gator to her door she opened it and caught me.
I had to give yellow wreath back.

Later that night I found this wreath on my door:
She knew I was jealous of her cute wreath and since she got two
for the price of one at Joannes (A deal that I was not aware of) she is letting me borrow this pretty pink one!

I guess she would have known sooner or later that I stole it.
After all, we do live a door away.

Now that Josh is gone I have to find things to entertain me.
Be careful...I might come steal things from you too:)

Monday, May 2, 2011

"It's Snowing!"

My family is from CALIFORNIA!
They NEVER get to see snow unless they travel miles and miles up the mountain's!
Therefore, when they experience snowfall this is what occurs:

And this....
1:00am Snow Frolic...
Snow angels...
Morning Snowman building...

They were cracking me up! Every time snow would even think about falling from the sky they were all outside trying to catch the flakes on their tongues!
It was so much fun to witness!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Two years...

Two years ago today I married Joshua Brock Hunting.
Two years ago today my life changed forever.
Two years ago today I became a wife.
Two years ago today I became his wife!
And it has been the best two years of my life.

Highlights of the last two years:
San Jose
Decorating our house
Movie nights
Sunday bed picnic's
Night getaways in SLC
Carnival cruises
Our tv shows
Staying up way too late
Inside jokes
Josh fixing my car every two days

For our Anniversary celebration we ate at the delicous Texas Roadhouse!
These flowers were delivered to our house before our date!
Love you Joshua!