Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stomach Pain Scared!

 Last night we went and saw Paranormal Activity with Jeff and Nicole!
Any movie that makes boys scream too is soooo okay in my book!
After every scary part we would all scream so loud and then laugh at ourselves.
After the movie I was totally freaked out.
When we got home I was following Josh around the house like a little puppy!
My stomach hurt so bad cause I was clenching it so tight with fear for two hours!
Why do we do this to ourselves?
Because scary movies are so fun!
We can't wait for Halloween tomorrow!!

Mustache BASH!!

I threw a baby shower for one of my best friends from home on 
She is having a little boy so it only seemed appropriate to have a mustache theme!
 Those baby pictures are the soon to be parents of baby Gavin!
 The hostesses with the Mommy-To-Be!
 It felt a college reunion!
It was so fun seeing all our friends and celebrating a new baby boy!
The take home gift everyone got!
It was such hard work planning this baby shower, but the outcome was totally worth it!
I can't wait to meet little baby Gavin!!

San Diego Day Two & Three.

Gone Shootin'!

 On Kym's Birthday the guys decided to take us shooting at a gun range!
Lets just say it wasn't a day at the mall.
The first shot was so loud and scared us so much that we about walked out right then and there.
I'm not a fan of fire arms, but I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to use one.
 Josh was a fabulous teacher!
 I look pretty hardcore...I know. 
 I fit in completely at the shooting range. 
Everyone was wearing leggings, boots, and accessories.
Total gun attire.

For dessert we went to Extraordinary Desserts!
 It was so delish!
The only downside was it was $10 just for a piece of cake!
But, because it was Kym's special day my Dad spoiled her.
All day he kept singing "It's your Biiiirrthdaay..uh huh..oh yeah!"
It was the perfect last night in California!
...or so we thought.

We were suppose to fly back to Vegas the next day.
But due to some crazy out of this world traffic we missed our flight!
We were flying out of LA so we couldn't drive all the way back to my Dad's and then turn back around the next day so we stayed the night at the Marriott in Burbank!
It ended up being pretty fun!
We ate junk food and watched movies all night.
The next day we had so much time to waste so we slept in and took it easy!
Finally we got on a flight at 5:30pm!
Once we got to Vegas we enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by my Mom and then we were off!
We didn't arrive back home until 3:00am Monday Morning!
What a Vacation!!!!

We had SO much fun with my Dads family!
Miss you guys already!

San Diego Day One.

After the Conan show we went up to San Diego to spend some time with my Dad's side of the family.
While everyone was at work and school, Josh and I went and met Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt June for some lunch!
I love when we get to see them!

I don't know what I would do without my loving Grandparents in my life!

 Later that night we went to the Indian reservation to eat dinner and get our gamble on!
 Kym and Dad!
Enjoying a yummy meal at the casino!

Conan O' Brian!

We arrived in Burbank California at 8:00pm on Tuesday night!
We rented our car, went and got treats, and then went to our hotel room.
The next morning we woke up and it was CONAN TIME!!

 They wouldn't allow any video devices or cameras in the studio so most of the pictures below are from the actual show, but I found them on the Internet. 

Tom Selleck and Juliann Hough were the guests!
{Tom Selleck was so funny!!  He kept making her uncomfortable!}
 I think he is so funny.
 Fabio made a cameo appearance! 
These ladies were smitten!  It was so funny!
 It was such a fun experience!  
Josh and I LOVE Conan and it was so awesome being able to be in the audience!!  
Our favorite part was the hilarious comedian who came out before the show even started!  
Our second favorite part was when Tom Selleck kept talking about avocado sex. 
We had a blast!