Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I have wonderful news!!
wait for it...
No more Heber!
I have been put in the Provo Center!!
I am feeling very relieved.
And so is Josh!
{now that he is off the hook about that new car!}
Whoo hoo for Provo!

Friday, August 12, 2011

welcome home.

Came home to this waiting for me at the airport.
So excited to be back in Utah and start real life again!
Thanks girls for such a warm welcome!
{love you}

mother & daughter vaca getaway!

It all started when my Mom called me and said "let's go on a vacation together!"
A month later she was flying to louisiana!
Fort Walton Beach is only five hours away from where we were staying this summer so that was obviously where we planned our vaca getaway!!
rafting and snorkeling!

These are our favorite pictures!
{underwater camera=best idea ever}
 There were so many jellyfish!
This was the boat we took out snorkeling everyday
I could not get the hang of that snorkeling!
I choked every time I tried.
Diet coke picture!
My poor Mom broke her toe on the boat!
She totally slipped and her toe got caught in the wood grates!
It was sad, but she is such a trooper and didn't let it get her down.
Kayak time!

I loved kayaking, but we accidentally hit a snorkeler and then I was too nervous to keep going.
McDonalds diet cokes and fries.
It's only obvious after a day of sun bathing.
Sunset cruise!

We saw a dolphin jump out of the water and watched the gorgeous sunset!
Shirley Temples and Hibachi on our last night

This was our favorite dinner of the trip!
{crab-cakes and scallops wrapped in bacon}
favorite moments of our redneck riviera
funny accents
red vines
room 216
broken toes
whitest sand ever
justin beiber radio
popcorn shrimp
olive garden in bed
jersey shore premiere
dove chocolate
dove quotes
jelly fish
the water cooler
crab cakes
fish lipz
bacon wrapped scallops
sara bareilles-"light" on repeat

thanks for everything mom!
that was the best vacation a daughter could ask for.
i will never forget the week i spent with you on the sandy beaches of florida!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


my time in louisiana is coming to an end.
only one more week before i return to utah and it is very bittersweet.
i miss my home, but i have loved our summer adventure.
things i will miss about this summer:
girls days...everyday.
new orleans.
blue bayou&dixie landin'.
our rental mattress
raft racing.
pool time.
movie nights.
raising canes.
sunday lazy days.
greys anatomy marathons.
lady luncheons.
post office chevron.
mini funnel cakes.
airline hwy.
grocery shopping w/ whit.
thunder storms.
shoulder dislocations
blanket idol.
bachelorette nights.
gator tours.
southern livin'
apt. 1622

 here are just a few pics of how i spent my final days as a louisiana housewife!
thanks for a good summer NOLA!

chinese picnic

last night was our last night alone for a while so i surprised josh with this!!

 just a little chinese living room picnic!
we ate waaayy too much and watched the movie "away we go".
Josh: "why are we eating on the floor?"
Me: "that's what chinese people do."
Josh: "but i'm not chinese."
Me: "get on the floor."
i love us.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

i'm sorry...what?

so i'm a preschool teacher.
people know this.
my school did a relocation process this year, meaning that everyone would be switching centers.
they asked us where we would like to be placed.
i of course said orem or provo.
i also said I would like to be full time this year.
{i was only an afternoon teacher last year and i wanted to be morning and afternoon this year}
but here is the kicker...the only full time position available was in Heber Utah.
so...that was where i was placed.
you can imagine my shock and disappointment considering i live in orem.
which is 40 minutes away from Heber.
also, to get to Heber i have to drive through a emmy.
{emmy:1997 honda civic. aka:my car}
needless to say i spent my sunday extremely upset/angry.
i was acting pretty pathetic to be honest.
it was like someone i loved died.
{i can be dramatic}
I am still very unhappy with this verdict, but this is my life now.
i will be a commuting teacher.
i will drive through snowy canyons in my 1997 honda civic if i must.
{that last line was for Josh. whisper voice: neww carrrr}
i will not be negative about it and i will still love my job as much as i did when it took ten minutes travel time.

this quote helped me realize that having to work in Heber wont be the end of my world.
{just the end of my car...whisper voice again}
"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."
— Audrey Hepburn