Thursday, June 30, 2011

we float

All we want to do is tan.
But we can't take the heat.
{we float}
Our colorful floating devices are our new favorite pool accessories!

New Orleans


YES, those are bras hanging from the ceiling.
NO, I did not add to the collection.

I need more!!!
Best thing ever!
If you enjoy funnel cakes, which lets be real here, who doesn't?
Then you would LOVE these delicious beignets!
{french doughnuts}

This was the best!
I love it here so much!

Nothing like it.
Everyone is so kind.
Wonderful beignets.

Originally founded by the French and was later sold to US in the Louisiana purchase.
Really talented street performers.
Lots of history.
Extremely dirty, but still awesome.
Although, the streets do smell like urine.
Never been anywhere like it.
So much to see.

Monday, June 27, 2011

crawfish and po-boys

{Steps to eating crawfish}
{according to our waitress}
"First you twist the head off"
"Then you peel back the outer shell"
"Once you have taken off the shell, make sure to get the feces off before you eat it"
"Then you are good to go"
wait. pause. feces??
yes. she did say that and no, i did not eat it.
But Josh did!

I may not have eaten the crawfish, but Sammy's grill makes amazing po-boy sandwiches!
I had the blackened shrimp po-boy and I loved it!
I can't wait to go back for more!
One of my favorite things about the Summer is going out to eat with all our buddies!
This was a fun night for sure!
My favorite part...watching Eddie play with his new camera the whole time! :)
My second favorite part...watching Josh rip the heads off the crawfish
{I was living vicariously through him}
My third favorite po-boy
Louisiana is the best!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

great minds think alike.

This was how Whitney and I showed up for church on Sunday.
Did we plan it?...No
Was it hilarious?...Yes
Her and I got a kick out of it and couldn't stop laughing the whole time.
It felt like twin day from high school all over again!
{Except this time it wasn't planned for three weeks in advance...yes I was that girl}
But if I had to choose anyone to accidentally match would be Whit!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

summer days

So far our summer days has consisted of these things:
Dill Pickle Lays and giant sodas from Chevron
Hangin' out with Razzy poo
This is the way Whit and I see it...If you are laughing while you are doing crunches...then it is double the workout
The "Sitch" cracks us up!
Pool Time.....everyday.
Two sunburns have already occurred, but since I'm trying to avoid that thing called skin cancer I decided to take it easy.  I broke up with the sun and decided to date sunscreen instead.
Loving Whit's new hat to protect her from those harsh rays
Grey's Anatomy has taken over my life
{at least 3 episodes a day}

Night time is spent with Husbands, but during the day you will catch us doing all of the above.

{it's hard bein' a Louisiana Housewife...pshh} 

Friday, June 17, 2011


Husband and Wife ready to see some gators 
Air boat crew
He just wanted to be apart of the air boat crew too

                                           Happy                          and                             Hot

Here are some of the amazing videos Josh shot!
This my friends is Rodney the tour guide.
"Com eirr boya" was his favorite thing to say

The audio on this one is really loud cause it was shot while the boat was going.
We had to wear ear muffs it was so loud!
But here is a sneak peek on how fast the boat goes.

Rodney the tour guide + A bunch of hungry gators = Best Swamping Adventure EVER!

I have a feeling it will be hard to top this day.
Although it was smoldering hot outside and I was sweating in places I didn't know I could, it was by far one of the best days ever.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I love to be hugged.
I'm not talking a side hug or a hug where someone pats you on the back to let you know they are done hugging you.
I'm talking the good kind.
The kind where you never want to let go.
The kind where you have a bad day and you just need to be held.
The kind where you are comforting a child's pain.
You know that kind?
I do.
I married the best hugger ever born.
He is the kind of hugger who never pulls away.
He waits until I am done embracing him.
He is patient and lets me just be there with his arms around me.
He never does "the pat."
He never even budges his arms to tell me he is done.
He just waits.
I realized this last night.
I know, I are probably thinking..."Wow, It took you two years to realize something this obvious about your husband?"
But it was only last night that I needed a hug for no reason.
I just said "Can you hug me?"
He asked "Why, whats wrong?"
I replied "Nothing."
Then he hugged me.
He "Josh" hugged me.
.....and I loved it.

Louisiana Livin'

{Louisiana Style}
Our Summer home
Apt. 1622
I love the lake outside our house!
It has duckies and a pretty fountain.
Louisiana is treating us well!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Louisiana Lady Luncheon

We had our kick off luncheon yesterday and it was a total hit!
Whit and I were way too excited when the chance to decorate and plan a party came our way.
We have been craving a good reason to throw a ladies bash and this was the perfect opportunity!
We all had a great time and we can't wait for the next one!
I am so lucky to be out here and have all these beautiful ladies by my side!
Introducing the wives of Louisiana
{Nilla Cupcakes}
{Dipped Mallows}

{Cafe Rio salads}
{Game playing}

 {Making homemade tortillas}


This is the picture that will go on our party planning business cards.

8 Reasons why the bi-monthly Louisiana Ladies Luncheon Rocks:
1.  Wife gatherings are always a good time
2.  Girl talk
3.  Lots of desserts
4.  It gives Whit and I our chance to go over board on party planning
5.  Yummy home cooked food
6.  Free entertainment
7.  Great company
8. We love any excuse to get together and eat, play games, laugh more!