Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'll Be Seein' You.

Josh packed his suitcase and headed for Louisiana today.
I won't be joining him for five whole weeks!
Missing you already Joshua!

A Family Affair!

Thursday afternoon my family arrived in this:
Grandma, Papa, Cousin, Step-Dad, and Mother!
My Dad arrived around the same time, but he flew.
In case you were wondering that is six people!!
Six people who were all visiting just for me!
Why, you ask were they visiting me?
This is why:
I am officially a graduate and my family were all here to celebrate!

My Cheering Section Included:
Blow horns and LOTS OF LOVE!!
Charlie Boy and Momma Bear!
Papa, Dad, and Gma!
Most handsome man in the world, Grandpa, and Beci!

Post grad celebrations included:
Pretty cake my Grandma made!
Okay she bought it!
Thank you Grandma!

It was absolutely wonderful celebrating my graduation with my loved ones!
I am so grateful for everyone in my life!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


You know your day is going to be good when you sleep in.
But it gets even better when you eat LIFE cereal for breakfast in your BED with your Husband!

Today has been so relaxing and fun!
After church we came home and ate more food in our bed!
It's a Sunday thing we do.
We have a Sunday lunch picnic in our bed and watch movies.
This week our bed picnic included:
Pita bread
It was romantic!

For dinner I made something new tonight!!
Shrimp Tacos
These were so yummy!
If you like shrimp and you like tacos...try this!!
Thawed shrimp (we used five per taco)
Mexican blend cheese or shredded cheese of choice
Corn tortillas

Once the shrimp was completely thawed, I sauteed them on the stove with a little bit of olive oil. When the shrimp was heated I drained it and put them on my George Foreman to add a bit of a grill flavor. While on the George Foreman I seasoned them with seasoning salt. The shrimp only need to be on the George Foreman for a minute. Once they are done heat the tortillas and add toppings of your choice. Serve with Mexican or Spanish rice and tortilla chips!
It was so good!
Tell me what you think:)

Saturday, April 16, 2011 fell out?

Alright...So I drive a 1997 Honda civic named Emmy Utg pronounced (Uh-ti-guh)
(Formally known as Emmy Tuz...but she divorced Nevada and married Utah instead)
Emmy has been truckin' along for a good 14 years and I have had her for almost 5 of those.
My Dad bought her for me when I became a senior in high school.
I was soo ecstatic!

Emmy's paint job is tragic...she lost a hub cap a while back and her owner hasn't bothered to help her out and get another one...when you push the gas she makes the loudest sound ever...half of the vents for the air conditioning are broken...her owner has spilled too much diet coke in her and she has sticky parts...the sun roof looks like a cat got trapped in her and couldn't get out...and her identity was taken when her civic emblem fell off last summer.

Today we came home only to find her muffler had fallen out.
It wasn't all the way off but when Josh pulled a little the whole thing just plopped right out!
Now, I am not very car savvy so I immediately said "Ohhhh myy!!!" followed by "Is she broken for good??" followed by "Can you fix her?"
Josh did what he does best and laughed at me.
Then he took her to go get fixed cause he is the best Husband ever and he "handles his bidness!"

Emmy no longer makes the loudest sound ever when you accelerate.
Turns out her exhaust pipe was corroded.
(Who sounds car savvy now??)

I love Em and she is a good car no matter what people say about her:)
I will cry when I get a better looking/newer car.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Picnic of Love!

I had the day off work!!
I woke up late, cleaned my kitchen, and went on a picnic with my one true love:)
We went to the park where we had our reception.
(Nelson's Grove...only the coolest park in Orem and if you are looking for a prime picnic spot it is the place to go!)

It got kind of chilly so after we finished our homemade turkey-bacon-avocado sandwiches, hickory smoked BBQ lays, and our peanut butter M&M's it was time to go.
(We were there for 30 minutes...thanks windy Utah.)

It's times like today I realize how much I love my husband and spending quality time with him.
(Even if it was only 30 minutes!)
It won't always be just the two of us and I am taking full advantage of the time I get to spend with JUST him:)
Sack lunch and a blanket:)
Love youuuuuu!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Create Life Scenes!

I went to a conference this past weekend and there was one particular thing that really stuck out for me. Jason and Kim were the keynote speakers at this conference and what they said really hit home for me. They have made it their life goal to rid the world of "Adultitis". Oh..what is that you ask? Adultitis?! does exist!!
Adultitis: a silent epidemic that has been ignored for far too long. It’s a disease that slowly erodes our inborn childlike spirit, wreaking havoc on our world, our nation, and our families. It kills laughter, dreams, curiosity, faith, happiness, and hope. It stresses us out. It causes us to take ourselves too seriously. And in some extreme cases, it can cause smile amnesia. (Pretty serious stuff.)
To learn more about Jason and Kim and adultitis click here.

The first thing they said when they began their presentation was
"Once upon a time..."
Every good story has started with those four words.
We need to be creating our own stories.

Think of your favorite movie.
Now think of your favorite scene from that movie.
We need to be creating our own favorite scenes in our own lives.

I am the type of person who takes movies WAYYYY to seriously!
(Josh is always saying to me..."Are you crying? Cando, Seriously? It is just a movie!")
I literally think it is real life though.
Any great love story that has ever been put on film is real to me.
This syndrome has not treated me well.
(Yes, I did just refer to it as a syndrome)
It has actually caused a lot of problems for me.
If something is happening to me I will think "If this were a movie that would have gone completely different!"
I then have to take myself back to reality and say "Ohh..but this is real life."

So when Jason and Kim told me I had to start creating my own life scenes I said to myself "Uhhh duh..I have been trying to do that for 21 years!"
It was then that I realized I have created some amazing scenes.
They might not be in a major motion picture, but they are in MY picture!
I can't wait to continue my life movie:)

"Make sure you are living while you're still alive" -Jason Kotecki

I have gathered together some of my favorite scenes from some of my ALL time favorite movies!
I cry every single time I watch this movie, but this scene is seriously amazing!
How could you not be sooo in love with Noah after that?
"So it's not gonna be easy. Its gonna be really hard. And we are gonna have to work at this everyday but I wanna do that cause I want you. I want all of you, forever. You and me, everyday."

Number one: Patrick is one sexy man.
Number two: Could a final scene of a movie get better? I submit that it cannot.
Number three: 2 words...THE KISS!!!

One of the first movies I watched that made me want to be in a band.
"Spice world" was the second. That is irrelevant.
I love this scene because of how happy everyone is and the song makes me want to dance.

The fireworks
The song
Jack/Leo and his face
The kiss
The anger
The agony
What isn't amazing about this clip?!
Yeah I know it is depressing, but it is beautiful.

I love movies.
I love stories whether they are in a movie, book, or song.
And so far...I am loving my "Once upon a time"

I am dying to know...
What are some of your favorite movie scenes?


Josh is out of town...again!
Good thing I have such good friends to keep me company when he is gone!
Our Friday night activities included:
Dinner at Maglbey's Fresh
Walking the mall

I wasn't playing around apparently...
I take Just Dance very seriously.

Dessert Party!

For our girls night this month we decided to have a
Theme: Easter
Dessert: Cupcakes
Very focused.
Haha! Okay so the bunnies kind of look like cats.
Loved our dessert night!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Preschool Times!

Its Farm Week!!!
My favorite theme of the year!
What can you do with a giant refrigerator box, paint, and streamers?
Well...we build a barn and stable for our dramatic play center!
Take a look!
Can't wait to see what the kiddo's think!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Breakfast of Champions!

This is what I ate for Breakfast today.
My Mom would be so proud:)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Radio Contest.

I really don't know who I was trying to kid today.
On 104.7FM they were having a contest.
This was not one of those "cd" winning contests either...It was a good one.
I'm talking two tickets to Taylor Swift in September kind of contest.
I have wanted to see Taylor in concert since high school!
So I attempted to listen to the radio for two hours straight just waiting to hear two back to back Taylor Swift songs. I was about to give up when it happened. Two songs played and my fingers were dialing.
The tricky part of this contest was you had to be the 104th caller...seriously..could a number be more specific?? I get it cause that is the number of the radio station but get real here.

It turns out I was the 83rd caller.
By the time I hung up and called again a minute later I was the 115th.
For once in my life I would love to be the girl who wins things randomly.
But that day was not today.
I am still determined to attend this concert if it is the last thing I do!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!!

Today was AMAZING!!
I got off work early in the afternoon and I was on a mission
to be outside for the rest of the day!

You take the sun away from me for 4 months and you bet
I will be outside the minute I can feel the heat on my skin!

I felt weird just sitting outside-so I decided to get real domestic
and plant some beautiful flowers for my porch!

I have never planted anything in my life, so after a call to the Gram's-I was able to
complete the task.
I am pretty satisfied with the turn out!
The Materials!
Had to add some 'Hunting' flavor
to our pot!
Love my newly decorated porch!