Friday, February 25, 2011


Alright...I did it. I got CROCS!!!! bhaha! I always said "I will never be that girl" and "Those shoes make me want to slap children!" and "They are seriously the most hideous things ever made." But then...The Croc Company did something amazing...they created cute...ish CROCS!!! Cute enough for me to purchase and wear upon my feet no less. This is how it night Josh and I were web browsing on a discount website when we came across "The slip-on Croc."(That is a name I made up and not the actual name for them.) It was on sale and I knew they had to be mine. The only way I justify this purchase is because I am on my feet teaching for 5 hours everyday and my feet have issues!! I wore them for the first time yesterday and I was in croc heaven! I even dorkily wore them with socks because of the cold weather and it made them even better. It is official everyone..I am a CROC nerd!! I have black but I want a pair in every color. End of story.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Slot Machine Fun!

While in Vegas we ate at my favorite breakfast place in town!! Original Pancake House!!! It was soooo great!! Just the way I remembered it all those times me and my girlfriends would ditch school junior year and go eat it!!
After we ate I had to play the "Wheel of Fortune" Slot machine because since I can remember I have always wanted to play a slot! Now that I am 21 I am officially I did. I put $5 bucks in...won $14...then lost it all. If only I would have had a cig and a bloody mary at my side...then I would have been a true slot machine player.


While in Vegas this past weekend I had to take advantage of being 21!
So we had a Mommy Daughter Double Date Night!! Jay and I took our Mom's out to a Country bar in Vegas called Stoney's!!

Top 10 favorite things about our Stoney night!
1: Lasting 25 seconds on the bull!
2: Spending time with my Mom!
3: Spending time with one of my bestest friends!
4: Dancing for 3 hours straight.
5: Country music.
6: Learning how to line dance.
7: Laughing at special couples that decided it would be fun to be ALL over each other the entire night!
8: Getting 'Jack in the Box' curly fries and french fries on the way home.
9: Getting a large diet coke from 'Jack in the Box' to go along with the fries.
10: Watching my Mother eat french fries...she doesn't do that on a regular basis.
Here we go!
The Mom's.
Getting reading to ride the bull...
Yee Haw!
I did. She did. We rocked.
The ladies!
Free Style!
Doin a little line dancing!
Rock on Baby!
We had the best time dancing the night away with
our Moms!:)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Josh is...

The Hubs turned the big 27 last week and we celebrated with some sushi and pizza!!
Not at the same time of course.
We ate sushi at our favorite restaurant in Utah called Happy Sumo. Josh's side of the family had never eaten sushi before so we took them there for the first time and it was so fun! After dinner we headed home for some birthday cheesecake and presents! I am a bad wife and forgot b-day candles so he had to use one of my vanilla scented candles. No fun, but it's Josh so he could care less!
The gang at Happy Sumo!
B-day Cheesecake! Yum!
Maybe he didn't like the makeshift candle...
Maddie and Beci!

On Friday(The actual Birthday) we headed down to Las Vegas to spend the weekend with my side of the family! When we got there we went out to BJ's for a nice Birthday dinner for Joshua!
Birthday boy with his pazooki!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lovers Day!

I am such a sucker for Valentines day! I absolutely love it! This year I was inspired and wanted to give Josh something that I knew he would enjoy. You see Josh doesn't really like getting lovey dovey crap like me. Sooo I decided to make a "love basket!!" Haha! Could that title be anymore lovey dovey?...I think not. was AWESOME! I have never been more proud of anything ever. Even when I have children I think I will always be more proud of this. Okay not really...but kids might be losers. But I'm hoping for the best with that. Anyways..tangent!
Here are just some of the things that were featured in the "love basket!!"
Finished Product!
He ended up LOVING it!!

We had such a fun Valentines day! Josh took me to eat at P.F Changs (Proposal location) and then after dinner we came home and watched "The Bachelor" while eating all the candy from the "Love Basket." Yes, my Husband does watch "The Bachelor" with me and it is one of my favorite things about him.
Team Chantel!

Favorite quote of Valentines day:
P.F Changs server: "So, anymore big plans for this evening?"
Josh Hunting: "Love making."

I was dyyyingg!!!!
Thank you Josh for continuing to make me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts.
Love you Valentine!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Boozer Returns!

On Wednesday Josh and I went to the Jazz vs. Bulls game! Now I am not one for sports, but I was excited to see what happened when Boozer came back to Utah! Every time Booz would get on the court the crowd would yell "Booooooooooooo!" It was pretty funny!
At half time we snuck down to sit with Brett and Jewels...Oh don't worry...they were 3 rows up. We were like Mr. and Mrs. Smith the way we walked past the usher like we owned the place. I felt really stealth. I also felt like a celebrity being that close. But my real 15 seconds of fame came when I was dancing on the JUMBO TRON!! Yes, you heard me right! I was on the Jumbo Tron!!! It was a very exciting moment in my life people!!
Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Munson!
They should have hired me as paparazzi the way I was snappin pics!
D-Wills and AK!!!
I love that I act like I know their nicknames cause I am such a b-ball fan, but the truth is I just heard everyone around me calling them that so I jumped on that wagon!
Thanks Beci for getting us tickets to such a fun game!!:)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Food, Friends, and FOOTBALL!!

Super Bowl Sunday!
We spent it with good friends and A LOT of yummy food!!
This year I wanted to get really festive so I made some football strawberries! It was so fun and they were a hit! I should have made Whitney her own special batch!:)
They really turned out so cute!
It was a very fun day!:)
Thanks Whit and Tyler for hosting the fun party!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thats my GIRL!!!!

One of my VERY best friends was just on AMERICAN IDOL!!! She is a beast and made it to HOLLYWOOD!!!! I could not be more excited for her! Love you Jay baby!

Jay and I were CRAZY in high school! We were always doing the funnest/stupidest things possible! Here are some memories!
Cali trip 08!
Twin Day senior week!
Graduation party in my kitchen of course.
Senior prom:)
14 years of age in this one..super hot. haha!

So proud of you Jay girl! :) You are making all your dreams come true just like we knew you would! love youuu!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Writers block..

So I have writers block everyone. It has been over two weeks since my last blog post. Which speaking of my last blog post..I'm still bitter. I have also contemplated deleting it because I just want a frigging diet coke. I am however doing MUCH better and I pride myself on that. Josh is helpful.

I heard somewhere that if you come down with a case of writers block you must sit down and just write random things as you think of them. So here is my random writers block blog post that will probably make no sense:)

I just have to say I love my job. I actually get excited when I get to go in. My favorite part is not having homework when I get home!! This whole graduating college thing sorta rocks.

Last weekend we went to eat with some dear friends and while we were waiting for a table we were given delicious smoothies to drink. It was my favorite part of the meal.
They are so pretty!
I want a smoothie right now just looking at this picture.

I love the man featured in the picture below. This morning I was totally bratty and being a real douche. You know how girls can be. First it was my stretched out pants that angered me. Then it was my face. Then my hair. Then I was fat. Then I was pissed I had to go to work feeling this way. Then he tried to kiss me. Then I was acting five and throwing clothes in my closet. It was by far one of my lower moments of the week. But he just kept smiling and laughing. At the time that was pissing me off too, but as I was driving to work I remembered a funny thing he said when I was in my "fit of rage" and all of a sudden I wasn't mad anymore. You know how girls can be...
Life is just better with you in it Josh.