Monday, June 28, 2010

Mask Monday!

Today was mask day at school :)
We had 3 butterflies, 1 batman, 1 elephant,
2 transformers, 1 tiger, 1 lion, 2 monkey's,
1 spider,1 police car,and 1 bunny.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bathing Suit Saturdays..

I am now declaring BATHING SUIT SATURDAYS!!
Rules are:
1. Stay in bathing suit all day
2. Do activities that involve wearing a bathing suit
Examples include:
Swimming, Tanning, Dance parties..etc.
Bathing suits+Lunch+Water fountains+Friends+
SUMMER= My favorite things...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Raw Fun!

Went to sushi with the girls on Friday night to a place called RA(pronounced Raw). I love sushi, but it's not Whitney's favorite. I felt bad for tricking her into trying raw salmon...she gagged. I guess it's not tricking when you tell someone "It is raw salmon, but you should still try it." So technically it was her fault for going through with it after I gave her a warning, but she was a good sport..she even swallowed it. :)
Waiting for our table :) art form.
So immature..and we like it
that way.
My roll..It was a funny name, but
I can't remember it now.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is It Love?..Or Complete Obsession?

If you know us (us meaning Josh and I) then you know how we work together. I seriously don't know what it is about him that makes me feel the way I do, but he is the most amazing man in this world! I'm probably more obsessed with our relationship than I am with diet coke, and that is saying a lot hello!!
List of reasons why Josh and Candice are Soul mates:We are not cheesy, we love all the same things(For example: Reese's candy, total soul mate give away),we get obsessed with TV shows within the first time watching it, we love to pretend to be gangster when we are driving and Usher/Ludacris comes on the radio(It's only natural), we care about each other more than anything else, we both dislike my cooking(he won't admit it, but it is hard to enjoy something that is gross..for real),and probably my most favorite thing about our relationship is that we laugh at all the same things and we have the same sense of humor...I could go on and on..
I do not know what emotion is forcing me to share this through blog, but I feel it is necessary for everyone to know my obsession with Josh. It verges on stalker I think.
So here is my stalker shrine! :)

"Always and Forever.."

Monday, June 21, 2010


This weekend was so much fun! On Friday we had a girls night and went to see SUGARLAND in concert! Am I going out on a limb by saying it was so far my favorite night of the summer? To answer that question..NO I am not going out on a limb, because it was! There are a couple elements to a girls night that can make it very amazing...I have created a list of why this particular girls night was one of the best.
Elements that lead to a potential "Best Night Ever"
1. Cute outfits all
2. Funny FUNNY girls!
3. Amazing music
4. Having the entire row to ourselves
5. Lori's dance moves
6. Chicken strips and fries
7. $6.00 sodas
8. Drunk cowboys..and cowgirls
9. Being up so high I had to
wear my glasses to see anything.
10. Having to take my glasses off every
time we wanted to take a picture
(old woman much??)
11. And last..Dancing the ENTIRE
night to one of my favorite
bands with such good friends!
Waiting at will call for the tix!
I love her so much!
Chicken strips..a staple in my life along
with diet coke!
Love her!
Just feelin it..
"Why don't you stay..I'm down on my knees
I'm so tired of being lonely, don't give you
what you need. When she calls you will go,
there is one thing you should know
we don't have to live this way. Baby why don't
you stay"
Perfect night completed!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!! :)

Dear Dad!
I love you so much! I am so blessed to have you in my life!
You are always saying how proud you are of the woman I have become
and that means the world to me!
You mean the world to me! I miss you pops!
Dear Charles!
I am one lucky girl to have a Step Dad like you!
You have always been there for me growing up and
I know you will always be there in the future!
I love you!
Happy Fathers Day to both of my Dads! :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Somewhere over the Rainbow...

On Wednesday there was a giant storm that hit our area! I was at work when the wall cloud hit and I couldn't leave because the rain was too intense to drive home so I waited at a pizzeria for about an hour until the storm passed. When I was finally driving home the sun was beginningto shine again and then all of a sudden this happened..

Only in Kansas... :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Adventures

Well this weekend was kind of a dud because we had all these fun ideas of what we wanted to do, but it rained basically everyday!! I'm not just talking rain..I'm talking crazy giant raindrops of doom!! Rivers were formed people!!! Whitney and I had to get from my apartment to Marianne's car on Saturday and because we are use to Utah rain we casually get the umbrella out and begin to walk outside. Once we felt the entire sky falling and crushing us Whitney decided to bolt out from under the safety of our umbrella and get in the car, leaving me out in the river forming rain. I reach for the door handle, the door swings open, I sit in the car only to have the umbrella not close, water is soaking my legs and feet(flats were a bad idea), I am really struggling to close the friggin umbrella, finally Whitney saves my retarded self and closes the umbrella, I slam the door shut but its too late. I am wet.
After math..I should have
taken a pic of my pants..soaked.
I realized something this weekend that I think is a very important thing to understand. I was feeling really down because we weren't able to do the things we wanted to because of the rain, but it occurred to me that it really doesn't matter what you do as long as you do it with people you love to be around. I spent my weekend doing three things 1. Going to the mall with amazing girls only to spend 2 hours trying on bra's in Victoria Secrets. 2. FINALLY finding a frozen yogurt place to fill my cravings(Picture above). And 3. Spending my entire Sunday laying around in PJ's with my husband, eating a fruit platter in bed, and watching a whole season of Dexter. Life is only boring if you making it boring...and my life is never boring :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gardens+Waterfalls+Whitney= Perfection!

This week Whit and I decided to go on our own little adventure.
We have wanted to check out the botanical gardens
since we arrived to Kansas so on Monday we went!
It was way last minute and we ended
up rushing to leave so I could get to work on time but it was
SO worth it! We had a great time! :]
Work of art! The sign said do not
touch but I couldn't resist!
Prettiest waterfall!
A perfect way to start the week!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Not Okay!

So if you don't know me that well then you probably won't know that I have a SERIOUS fear of insects. Really any type can make me freak out. The only things I am okay with are like flies and butterfly's. But pretty much anything else can cause me to go into shock. Well here is a story for the books. Last night Josh gets home from work and is over by our desk in our bedroom. He says "what is that?" while he is staring at a large black thing in the middle of the floor. Those are the words that freak me out immediately. I say..."NO Seriously what is it?" He makes a weird face and starts laughing and says "go check that out..your gonna freak." So obviously I don't want to go over there. I didn't even have my glasses on and I could see it from where I was(which wasn't that far away but we all know I'm blind). So I go grab my glasses because there was no way I was gonna get close enough to it to really see it. He said it was already dead and that I shouldn't be freaking out but as I slowly crept over to the dirty critter I knew this was no ordinary spider. It was a GIANT spider! I didn't care that it was dead! It was five feet from my bed and our bed is on the floor because of our box spring that is way too loud! I immediately start hyperventilating and had to go out into the living room. Josh was not helpful. He said that since it was dead I would have to do it myself. He is trying to break my fear but he is having a hard time. I started crying just thinking about sleeping in this house. After an hour he got it and put it in the toilet. He caved. The memory still haunts me. I was considering sleeping in the car. Luckily the whole ordeal really wore me out and I crashed in the bed before I even knew I was doing it.
I would just like to point out that
is a quarter!

The pictures do not even do it justice.
It was sooooooo gross!!
Tarantula style gross people!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nap time..after nap time.

Everyday at school the children take naps from 1-3pm. It is my favorite time of day as I'm sure you can guess why. Normally the kids do not go out without a fight though. They are always trying to find ways to get off their cots. For example "Mrs. Candice I have to go potty" is the number one thing the kids say once they lay down. Some know the rules, but others try and cheat the system. Then at exactly 3 when those lights turn back on they are rushing to put all their nap stuff away so they can run around and be crazy again. Well yesterday was a particular day indeed! One of my students would not wake up!! She would open her eyes and act like she was waking up so I would walk away and then five seconds later she would be out again. After about 15 minutes my co-teacher went over and dragged her off her cot and held her in her lap for a while but this girl was out for the count. Finally after 30 min we didn't know what to do so we laid her on our mini reading couch and this was her for the next 30 min
She finally woke up in her own time, but goodness!!
The other kids would stand around her and ask
us if she was alive haha! They would seriously just
stare at her while she slept in this position. Hanging out with
four year olds all day is so much fun!
They really are so extremely funny! I love it!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day WEEKEND!!

So this past weekend was so nice!! I was able to have Monday off work
(The joys of working at a school!)
I got to spend time with all the wives which was such a blast!
I got to hang out with my adorable hubby who is featured
in the picture below..
and I was able to go to the pool and enjoy the summer sun!!
"I wanna be your last first kiss, for all time."
Josh and myself enjoying a fabulous meal at Red Robin
The Fredricksons
Posing after church..The joke lately is that
we match on accident every week. We
are so connected its unreal.
Soul mate? yes.

Whitney Fredrickson best!
The Munson Ladies aka "My two favorites"
Most the wives...Nicole is missing :(

I managed to get a MAJOR sun burn that kinda ruined
my fun for about 30 seconds, but I got over it fast.
Aloe helped me through my hard times :)
So I am deep cleaning on Monday when I realize a TON of stuff in my closet is soaked(including all my lesson plans!) I begin to investigate this situation and I come upon this disaster in the corner of our closet. Oh its no big deal, we are just going to die from MOLD POISONING! What the crap? I start gagging a bit while I began cleaning off my moldy covered boots(which by the way are my favorite ones!) The boots were soaked from the inside out, and pleather doesn't do well with water so I was a bit ticked to say the least. I got a rag and started dabbing at the carpet trying to get all the water up and then I felt the wall to see how mushy it had become and then BAM I put a hole right in the wall. Um...dry wall isn't suppose to be mushy first off and if by adding a little pressure it caves then you know your crap is in bad shape. Anyways..I called the maintenance man and he was helpful...NOT! He said he would be here Monday..nothing. He said he would be here Tuesday..nothing. He was very hairy and he was no help to me. So we still have a moldy wall with bacteria and odd smells growing in our closet and I'm not sure how to go about fixing it.
An interesting ending to an awesome weekend :)