Monday, July 26, 2010

Worlds Baby!!

So about a week ago I was SOOO excited because the one thing I have really wanted to do in Kansas happened! We went to "Worlds of Fun" and let me tell was exactly that! I am so obsessed with roller coasters it is unreal! This experience was a little different though..normally I am never nausious! I am such a trouper..but the "BO" that was present in all the lines due to the humidity was making me want to barf!! I was good for about and hour and a half and then I just couldn't take it anymore! Kansas weather is probably the grossest thing that has ever existed. We had so much fun that I forgot to take any pics :( luckily I snapped a few...
In line for our favorite ride of the day!
I really wanted to go on this, but then the
smelly people+the heat really got to me...I wish I
would have though..I have regrets.
Jesse got stuck on the Mamba! haha

I wish I would have taken more pictures!! ahh! Oh well it was a great day and it was so fun spending it with Josh and Jesse! :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Well I have had quite the seems crazy right is!! We had four leads quit and since I'm sort of a floater(sub) I have been jumping all over the school. It has been fun getting to know the other teachers and kids in the building, but the air conditioning was broken in a few rooms and it just so was the room I was subbing in most the time! If you haven't been to Kansas in July well let me describe the feeling of the out doors...instantly drenched, trouble breathing, death pretty much. Now indoors in Kansas when the air is broken feels something like this...Double drenched, Double trouble breathing, and well you immediately die when you enter the room. Add twelve 2 1/2 year old's to that you got poopy air(literally) and a lot of crying children.

Leaving work yesterday I was surrounded by these clouds of beauty. I know they look like clouds of death and evil, but for some reason I found it majestic.
I wish I could have gotten a picture of the
lightening! It was awesome..I was
only partly frightened for my life.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Creative Decor..

So in the preschool world it is really important that you have a bright colored classroom with inviting art on the walls. It should be mostly children's art, but you can't fill an entire classroom with have to get creative!! I work in the Zebra room and we have been redecorating lately. I couldn't think of what to do until I read the children's book "Rumble in the Jungle" by Giles Andreae. In this adorable book were poems about jungle animals, but the one that caught my eye was about the Zebra!

I could have been grey like a donkey
Or brown like my cousin the mule,
But instead i've got stripes
Which my ladyfriend likes,
Cause they make me look handsome and cool.

Well I loved everything about it and I wanted to blow the picture up and enlarge the writing so everyone who came into the room can see it. So that is exactly what I did.
I painted the picture and here is my copy.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

BBQ Chicken Pizza

If anyone likes BBQ chicken Pizza you will love this!

1 can pillsbury thick pizza crust
2 Chicken breasts
BBQ sauce of choice
Olive Oil
Garlic salt
Mozerella cheese

Boil chicken. Cut chicken into chunks or stripes(however you prefer). In a bowl pour 1/2 cup of BBQ sauce. Mix chicken in bowl until all chicken is covered. Let marinate while you get dough ready. The pillsbury pizza crust will come out in rectangle form, but mold it into circle form and wrap the ends up so it makes a fluffy crust. Brush crust with olive oil and garlic salt. Pour 1 cup of BBQ sauce on pizza dough and smooth out until all is covered with BBQ sauce(add more if needed). Put as much cheese as you would like and pour marinated chicken on top. Cook on 375 until cheese is melted and crust is browning.
Easiest meal I make and for sure my favorite! :)
Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Okay so the other night I was being one of those annoying(aka. awesomely interested) wives and I was trying to get into a deep conversation with Josh about his dreams and goals for life. Well we all know Josh. So the conversation really ended up with me talking the entire time about everything I want in life and my dreams and goals.

Life Goals/Dreams
1. Own a preschool
2. Live a nice house with a pool and patio for bbq's
3. Raise children who are kind citizens of America
4. Travel
5. Go to New York and see every Broadway show!(Probably a weird dream..but it really is one!)
6. Live close to Josh's family and mine(Close enough to drive within an hour)

So those are my life dreams..i'm probably forgetting some of them because I felt like I was talking for a really long time(so did Josh).

All this thinking got me to realize everything I want to do before I have to move back to Utah...I only have one month left to complete the list...

Things I want to do before I leave Kansas
1. Go to zoo
2. See a Royals game
3. Worlds of fun
4. Oceans of fun
5. Fork and Screen movie
6. Get my CPR and First Aid certification

Things I will miss greatly when I leave Kansas
1. My class/school and all the teachers
2. Mardels(Teacher supply store that is amazingly awesome)
3. Living so close to things
4. The nice people that wave to you even if they don't know you
5. The friends I have made(We will always be friends but nothing will be like "the real world kansas")
6. The sound of "Law-in-Order" next door(Its really like they have a Law-in-Order is ALL they watch)
7. Cool thunderstorms that kinda scare me at the same time
8. But mostly I will miss my awesome job

Things I will never ever miss about Kansas
1. Bugs
2. Bugs getting inside my house
3. Killing at least 2 bugs a day because they were in my house
4. Josh getting mad at me because I kill "innocent" bugs(no such thing)
5. The humidity
6. My oily skin
7. Sleeping on a mattress..and just a mattress
8. Summer sales(That one is for Josh because I know how hot he is all day in this nasty weather)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

My girl Lori turned 22 this past Friday and what is a 22nd B-day without a little surprise partaayy!!??
Out to dinner while the guests arrive!

Saturday we went to lunch at the plaza!
(I feel very formal when I say that sentence)
Birthday weekend= SUCCESS!! :)
I love you Lorbear!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th Of July!

Happy 4th of July!!
Enjoyed a wonderful BBQ at the pool.
Spent time with friends.
Went to watch fireworks(failed)
Ate pizza waiting for rain to stop.
Rain never stopped so we went home.
Shot a bottle rocket at our friends house
and scared the poop out of them!
All in all..good day.
Attempting to watch the fireworks that
were already cancelled (You can
see why)
Decided to have our own fireworks show.
It is illegal but we still shot one.
It was loud and scared me so we stopped.
The one and only firework we saw on the fourth :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

P.S I love you four eyes!

On Saturday night Josh and I didn't really feel like doing much so I made some mac n cheese and we watched P.S I love you. Well as everyone knows I must wear my glasses when I watch TV because of my blindness and all. As I am watching this movie I am imagining it happening to me. I imagine having to suddenly go on in life without Josh. I imagine living in our house alone. And then..tears are beginning to form in my eyes, but the glasses hide my unwanted emotions I think. I hear him say "Cando, are you boobin over there?" Of course I say no but my voice sounds like someone is sitting on my face so I turn to show him my venerability. He laughs a little and says "Why are you crying?" I can't even explain it to him in words..just sobs! My glasses fog up and I turn away embarrassed and he calls me "you little four eyes." Then..a second later..he says "MY little four eyes." I giggle while I wipe the streaming tears from my blotchy face. It feels good to know I am someones "My."