Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Crawford!

My little brother turned 13 today! I could not be more excited for him that he is finally a teenager! All his life he has told me how he couldn't wait to be a teenager so he could do fun things! haha! When I was a teenager he would cry sometimes when I would go out with friends because he wanted to go to and he didn't understand why he couldn't. I love you so much Crawford! My family means everything to me and even though I do not see you very much I need you to understand how much I think about you and miss you! You and Dalton are the coolest little brothers ever and I am one lucky sister! So I hope this birthday is one for the books..I still have people talking about my 13th! haha! I love you Birthday boy!

Good friends..Good times...Happy days in KC!

Well besides being married to an amazing man and having a pretty cool summer job I have some pretty great friends out here with me and we have been having FUN!!!
What I like to call "The Crew" eating
at this way good place called Nick and Jakes!
Marianne Gold and myself after
our fabulous lunch at Nick and Jakes
Words to describe Whitney Fredrickson:
Best friend, amazing, halarious, dorky, beautiful,
positive, happy, lovable, wonderful!! :)

Today we will be spending the day relaxing by the pool and I could not be more excited! My white skin needs the summer sun to drench it with its glow! I am loving Kansas so very much!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kansas in all it's GLORY!

So there have been a few things here that are different from what I am use to. Lets just say Kansas takes me out of my comfort zone....

Things that make Candice uncomfortable
and possibly trigger panic attack:

1. Dirty spiders

2. Beetles

3. Moths

4. Mosquitoes

5. The nats that get in my eyes
and stuck to my lipgloss
when I walk outside at night

6. Road kill (There is a lot)

7. The humidity (I am sticky 98% of the day)

8. The crazy thunderstorms that
wake me in the middle of the night!

9. When junction 435 west is closed and I need
it to be open (I take that freeway to get to work)

Here are some examples...

This happened while running across the street
during the infamous storm that woke me up in the night.
Also the one seen on the video.
Oh hey dirty spider that created a home
on Whitney and Tylers window. NOT OKAY!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Teaching at last!

So I have finally started teaching preschool! I am coming up on my third week of working there and I love it! The kids are amazing and my co-workers are great! It is exactly what I want to be doing with my life. I feel so lucky to be so young and already have my dream job! Of course I need to finish school and get that awesome degree, but it will only get better after that. After teaching at this school it only drives me more to start one of my own. I know it will take a lot of work and money, but I know it is something I can do. I get sad thinking that I can only teach here for the summer, but I am just looking forward to the future and what is in store for me.
So heres to a great summer job with
the cutest children ever!! :)
The school!!
Writing Center!
Computer and Home Center!
The Circle Rug!!!
(Where we sing songs and read books)

Their Cubbies and Cots!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cute duck family I saw today outside!! I was SO excited to see this! :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The daily routine :)

So when our men go out to sell there are a few things we do as girls and the most important thing we do is....DRINK SODA!! haha! Whitney, Marianne and myself go to the local gas station QT and get a 32oz diet coke everyday around 4:00pm. It is a tradition that will soon be broken because I will be working, but until then this is us everyday at 4!! :) Marianne was not able to be in this picture due to being late for work! She is there in spirit!


We have finally made it to the beautiful city of Overland Park Kansas! We live in an awesome apartment complex complete with a huge lake that has ducks, turtles, and a running path that I plan on making my morning companion for the entire summer. The weather is always wonderful except for today it was slightly windy and a branch attacked my head, but other than that it has been so great! I got a job at an adorable preschool called "The Goddard School" and I start next Wednesday! Josh has been doing a great job selling and I am so proud to be his wife! I have been cooking dinners every night which is really impressive for me and they actually taste good! Well he says they taste good...ha! I have a wonderful feeling about this summer so far! :)
The beautiful lake that I run around daily

Friday, May 7, 2010

Drive of DEATH!!

We began our journey driving through the state of Wyoming. I don't remember much about that state because I think I fell asleep for a while. The next state we passed through was good ol' Nebraska. This was the state that Jesse got busted for speeding and I felt so horrible for him. I ate an Arby's chicken sandwich in Nebraska and it made my stomach hurt. On we went through downtown Lincoln until we hit this creepy dark road with only one lane. All of a sudden BAM we hit a giant COON!!! I was luckily texting so I didn't see the poor little fella's life end, but I sure felt it!! We ended up seeing 3 other dead coons on the side of the road as we went on. By this point in the drive it was 10:30pm and we had been driving since 6:00am! We still had about 3 hours to go. By the time we hit Missouri we were all exhausted and ready for bed! FINALLY we got to Overland Park at the crazy hour of 1:00am! We unpacked the entire car and we were so happy to be walking around our summer apartment! We finally jumped into bed so ready for some much deserved sleep only to find our box spring was FRIGGIN LOUD!! Every time we sat on it we wereimmediately annoyed! We made a mutual decision to toss the box spring and sleep on just the mattress for the whole summer. WE LOVE IT! We slept in till 12:30 the next day. And so the summer begins.....

Hiking with the family!

Before we came out to Kansas Josh and I went to visit my family for a weekend and we decided to go on a little hike...I wore jeans and a cute t-shirt and it was are some of the awesome photos! :)

My beautiful mother!! :)

Oh hi gigantic lizard that looks like he just enjoyed
a nice delicious mouse/rat! I almost fell
off the rock I was so frightened!
A little short..
I had so much fun with my mom and lil bro!! :) oh and my skinny jeans with sneaks was totally the best part!